Rose Points

Necklace 19" adjustable up to 21 1/2"
I added an extender chain with a small rose quartz bead at the end after the picture was taken. It's very hard to get a good picture of the rose quartz, it's a very light pink and is natural (not dyed)

Rose Quartz :
Attracts love, restores trust and harmony in an existing relationship. Works to bring gentle love to all the chakra's but especially the heart and crown. Rose quartz emits a beautiful calming energy which works on the whole system to gently remove negativity and reinstate soft loving and gentle energies, dispelling stored anger, jealousy, fear, grief and resentment. It is particularly helpful to bring back peace and love after emotional trauma's. It is quite simply the soft gentle nurturing love of the mother.

Encourages optimism, great for stress and depression. Dissolves negativity and prevents negative energy from entering the aura. A grounding stone. Good for the blood. Protection. Harmonizes mind, body and spirit. Beneficial for legal situations. Supports timid women, boosts self esteem and survivability, enhances willpower and reliability, confidence. Treats overeating, smoking, and any form of overindulgence. Helps to come to terms with mistakes and to accept them as learning experiences rather than disasters. Stimulates concentration and focus, enhances memory and original thought. Carrying or wearing can assist one in bringing one’s dreams and aspirations into reality and learning difference between true vision and fantasy. Manifestation. Strongly grounding stone, assisting one in carrying very high frequency energies while still remaining connected to the earth and one’s body. Fights the effects of electromagnetic energy from computers and such.

Lobster claw clasp.


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