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Healing Stone Set

Penny is to show size only, not included in set.

New Sets replace Magnet stone with Fluorite

Green Fluorite - powerful healer that clears infections, clears & stabilizes aura
Lapis Lazuli — improves mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional condition
Ametrine — regeneration, brings insight as to the cause of a condition

Copper — electric conductor, powerful healing
Kyanite — aligns the chakras
Jasper — healing, nurturing, combats stress, aligns chakras, brings balance
Amazonite — preventative energy, blocks electromagnetic pollution

Every stone has healing properties. For this set, I picked out my favorite general healing stones. If you have a specific medical condition, you could add stones that aid healing of that condition to this set to enhance the energies.

The stones are representative of the stones you get. There are 0 sets available.
Packaged in a blue drawstring bag.


First I decide which stones to use, putting ones of similar size into a set. The stones are cleansed under running water to remove any energy attached to them. I lay them out on a white towel and empower them with the intention of the set. They are then packaged in a plastic bag before being placed in a blue bag along with a card stating the purpose. The purpose of the plastic bag is to protect the empowered stones until they are purchased (I do have these sets at shows and customers handle them). Once you receive your set, you can take them out of the plastic bag and carry them in the blue bag.


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