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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic JewelryA68 - Curse of Ezekiel

Bracelets/ Watches - Skulls, Skeletons, Death

Alchemy Armware items are all hand cast in fine English pewter, many with
additional high quality crystals, Swarovsk Elements, and other components.

Sizes: Most are "One size, adjustable" covering from small to large.
If fixed sizes are indicated, they are:
Small: approx 6"-7 1/2"
Medium: approx 7"-9"
Large: approx 7 1/2" - 9 1/2"

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.

A68 - Curse of Ezekiel

A68 - Curse of Ezekiel

Ezekiel, the Old Testament's prophet of horror, with his foretold rising of dead men's bones coming to grisly fruition and taking a firm grip on the wearer, gripped by spring-action thumb joint.
English pewter.
One size, adjustable

Approx. Width 3.15" x Height 3.23"


Discontinued! Sold out

A93 - Killing Fields

A93 - Killing Fields

Assembled from the sobering detritus of all-out war, a string of vanquished trophy skulls.
Available in two sizes: Small or Large.
English pewter.

Approx. Width 8.86" x Height 0.31"


A97 - Pirate Princess

A97 - Pirate Princess

A sexy and feisty flourish from the age of daring grandiloquence.
Genuine leather, English pewter, Swarovski crystals.
Long leather strap wraps three times around wrist with adjustable fastenings.

Approx. Width 3.54" x Height 0.62"


Discontinued! Limited stock available!

A96 - Skull & Briar Rose

A96 - Skull & Briar Rose

A beautiful romance, turned to death and ashes. A polished skull, black roses, and black ribbon signify the end of love. Bitter-sweet gothic elegance.
English pewter, black resin roses, black ribbon.
One size, adjustable with sliding skull fastener.

Approx. Width 2.4" x Height 1.18"


A103 - No Man's Land Bracelet

A103 - No Man's Land Bracelet

France, 1914 - few men had any hope of survival. Emerging from the bottomless mud and gore of the fields of Passchendaele, the detritus of humanity and war blossom.
English pewter barbed wire & skulls.
Available in two sizes: Small & Large

Approx. width 7.28" Large & 5.51" Small, x height 0.71"


A114 - Claddagh By Night Bracelet

A114 - Claddagh By Night Bracelet

Love, Friendship, and Loyalty vouchsafed from the underworld, in the ancient Irish tradition. The original symbol was first produced as a ring in the west coast village of Claddah in the 17th century.
English pewter, Swarovski crystal.
One size, metal can be slightly bend to adjust.

Approx. height 1.10" x width 3.23"


AW28 - Heart Of Lazarus Watch

AW28 - Heart Of Lazarus Watch

The heart, the seat of all life, emotion, affection and love and the source of the soul, epitomised by the miraculous raising of Lazarus, four days after his death. "I am the resurrection, and the life"
English pewter.
Lobster claw and chain, adjustable.

Approx. height 1.46" x width 2.80"


















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