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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic JewelryAW20 - Artemisia

Bracelets/Watches - Fairies, Angels, Birds, Wings

Alchemy Armware items are all hand cast in fine English pewter, many with
additional high quality crystals, Swarovsk Elements, and other components.

Sizes: Most are "One size, adjustable" covering from small to large.
If fixed sizes are indicated, they are:
Small: approx 6"-7 1/2"
Medium: approx 7"-9"
Large: approx 7 1/2" - 9 1/2"

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.

A69 - La Fleur de Baudelaire

A69 - La Fleur de Baudelaire

A bold, absinthe-inspired, Art Nouveau style bangle. Charles Baudelaire, Paris' celebrated C19th 'gothic' poet and visionary, translator of Edgar Allan Poe, and champion of the supernaturally creative powers of absinthe, percolates from the essence of the green fairy.
English pewter, Swarovski crystal.
One size, gently squeeze open and close.

Approx. width 2.87" x height 2.09"


A101 - Flocking Ravens

A101 - Flocking Ravens

A circle of ravens performs its calling, protects you and takes you to magical places.
Six black pewter ravens, black diamond Swarovski crystals. One size adjustable with lobster claw clasp.
Approx. Width 7.09" x Height 1.77"


A110 - Black Swan

A110 - Black Swan

Hidden in the fractal depths of the Swarovski black diamond crystal, lies the message of love between two beautiful and perfect deviants.
One size, adjustable
Black leather wrist strap with a buckle fastening, Victorian style pewter frame, black diamond Swarovski crystal, engraved from behind with a dual black swans heart motif.
Approx. Width 1.7" x Height 1.3"


Discontinued! Limited stock available!

A109 - Black Consort Wriststrap

A109 - Black Consort Wriststrap

The eyes and ears and dark companion of Odin, the majestic raven, wings outstretched, glides alongside its adopted squire offering infinite protection and guidance.
Blackened English pewter, black leather with Velcro fastening. Adjustable.
Approx. width 10.35" x height 1.42"


A100 - The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap

A100 - The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap

From the fearless pioneer of struts & wires aerial daring-do, a badge of honour and technical ability. A rare and wondrous bestowal from the famed hero of early, roaring skies
Two tone English pewter on dark brown split leather strap. One size, adjusts to 3 sizes options.
Approx. width 2.48" x height 0.98"


AW28 - Heart Of Lazarus Watch

AW28 - Heart Of Lazarus Watch

The heart, the seat of all life, emotion, affection and love and the source of the soul, epitomised by the miraculous raising of Lazarus, four days after his death. "I am the resurrection, and the life"
English pewter.
Lobster claw and chain, adjustable.

Approx. height 1.46" x width 2.80"























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