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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic JewelryThe Maiden's Conquest necklace

Necklaces - Everything Else

The jewelry is hand-plated or other two tone finish, many with high quality crystals, Swarovski Elements, and other components. The necklaces come with a nickel-free chain or other material (some on ribbons).

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.

Wolverine Moon

P229 - Wolverine Moon

Beware the full moon and the silver dagger.
English pewter, two moonstones, 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.61" x Height 2.68"


Wolf necklace

P252 - Wolf

A silhouette of lunar-mania, accompanied by the chilling sound of crying at the moon,
Blackened English pewter, pearlescent white enamel, 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.98" x Height 1.18"


Meow at the Moon

P824 - Meow at the Moon

The token of a deep and indulgent connection with mystically sentient energies from the natural world.
1"diameter moon disc pendant in black pewter with the silhouette of a sitting cat, with pearlescent cream enamel background. On a 21" fine black curb chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Height 1.22" x Width 1.06 "


Orthodox Icon Locket

P341 - Orthodox Icon Locket

Once beheld by the most noble of Slavic aristocracy, a photo locket in the authentic, classic style of an Eastern Orthodox Church icon. Holds two 20x30mm pictures.
English pewter, brass hinges and fasteners, Swarovski crystal, 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.46" x Height 2.28"


Discontinued! Sold Out

Emerald Venom Necklace

P432 - Emerald Venom

The deadly predator, poised to sink its irresistible fangs. Eye catching spider necklace that will inject gothic drama into any outfit.
English pewter, green and black Swarovski crystals, split chain approx 15.5" total.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 2.68" x Height 4.33"


P790 - Glistercreep Necklace

P790 - Glistercreep Necklace

The petrified exoskeleton of a grotesquely repellent arthropod, satisfyingly immured to extinction.
English pewter, Swarovski faux pearl, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 0.87" x Height 1.77" Chain: 21"


Queen of the Night

P503 - Queen of the Night

The antipathy of the ancient Iranian prophet sage Zoroaster's 'Moral Order'. A flamboyant Austrian crystal-laden baroque extravagance representing opulence and decadence.
English pewter, green and black Swarovski crystals, split chain approx 18".
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 3.74" x Height 3.74"


Passion Necklace

P530 - Passion

A twisting knot of sacred thorns, weeping tears of blood-red crystal.
Antiqued English pewter, Swarovski crystals, 22" black satin ribbon.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 3.19" x Height 3.86"


Discontinued! Sold Out

Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon

P607 - Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon

Green Sugar: a miniature, wearable token of a secret life; an Alchemy absinthe spoon, signifying an existence dedicated to hedonistic pleasure and sublime aestheticism.
English pewter, emerald green Swarovski crystal 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.71" x Height 3.62"


She Walks In Beauty

P640 - She Walks In Beauty

A Delphic and lamentable line from the pen of the inimitable Lord Byron, but for whom...? The impressively mounted central black onyx stone is encircled by Byron's brass-etched poem "She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies"
English pewter, etched brass inlay, black onyx cabochons & Swarovski crystals, lacy 40" ribbon, adjustable.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 3.94" x Height 5.31"


Discontinued! Limited stock available

P764 - The St Petersburg Tear

P764 - The St Petersburg Tear

The heart of Anna Lopukhina, royal mistress to the Emperor of Russia, turned to ice after his assassination in 1801 and, it was said, on her subsequent death at 27, cut into a gem by the Winter Palace's royal jeweller.
18th century Baroque-style choker set with a large, Swarovski black diamond crystal at its centre, and two small white crystals either side and a black crystal dropper beneath.
English pewter, on doubled black satin ribbons, for hand tying, approx 38".

Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 3.25" x Height 2.75"


Discontinued! Limited stock available


Cat Sith necklace

P816 - Cat Sith

Superstition and folklore pervade the mysterious black cat. Known in Celtic mythology as the fairy Cat Sith, a black cat could be a witch's familiar, or may court many suitors for its desirous companion.
Black English pewter, red Swarovski crystals, 21" black trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 0.75" x Height 2.36"


Bastet Goddess Choker

P817 - Bastet Goddess Choker

The Egyptian warrior goddess who transformed into the black cat protectress, bringer of joy, and eventually became goddess of sexuality and the moon.
Black English Pewter, Red Taxidermal Style Cat Eyes, bell hanging from one ear, 38" black velvet ribbon to be tied with bow.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.57" x Height 1.46"



P751 - Geistalon

P751 - Geistalon

Fear from the darkness - the thundering phantom of an armoured cataphract unicorn, revered in the Scrolls of Carrhae for their terrifying and decisive intervention in battle, against overwhelming oppressors. (Geistalon; pronounced guy-sta-lon).
Antiqued English pewter, black curb chain 20" with 1.5" extender.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.5" x Height 3.6"


The Maiden's Conquest necklace

P836 - The Maiden's Conquest

Only the magical charms of a true and virtuous maiden are able to entrap the heart of a wild unicorn. Unicorns were the most rare and solitary of animals in antiquity; a white, cloven-hoofed horse-like creature with a single long, straight spiraled horn projecting from its forehead. The legendary beast stood for purity, grace, love and faithfulness.
Antiqued English pewter with bronzed spiral horn. The central heart features a large oval, deep red Swarovski crystal. On a split trace chain which makes an overall length of 21", plus a 1 ½" extender chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Height 3.82" x Width 5.28 "


Unicorn necklace

P837 - Unicorn

A subtle token of love, devotion and strength, symbolized by the uniquely beautiful great beast of mythology.
Small pewter pendant of a unicorn's head and neck in profile. On a fine 18" trace chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Height 0.98" x Width 0.67 "


P743 - Aequicorn Pendant

P743 - Aequicorn Pendant

From aequor; sea, equus; horse and cornus; horn - the preserved remains of an elusive, mythical and magical creature of the shallow seas, the mystical horned seahorse, identified by Solinus the 3rd century scholar, in his lost Classical bestiary.
English pewter, Swarovski crystals, 18" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.45" x Height 4.13"



Man in the Moon necklace

P812 - Man in the Moon

The unmistakable face of the World's greatest Goth & Alternative music festival, MEra Luna, inspired by the classic Georges Méliès 1902 film, Le Voyage dans la Lune.
English pewter, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.22" x Height 1.38"



Man in the Moon Choker

P813 - Man in the Moon Choker

The unmistakable face of the World's greatest Goth & Alternative music festival, MEra Luna, inspired by the classic Georges Méliès 1902 film, Le Voyage dans la Lune.
English pewter, 38" velvet choker
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.54" x Height 1.22"


Empyrian Eye: Tears From Heaven Pendant

P712 - Empyrian Eye: Tears From Heaven Pendant

The eye of God, shedding tears of grief for humanity as he regards the world from the highest firmament.
English pewter, Swarovski crystal, 21" trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.02" x height 1.46"


Key to the Secret Garden Necklace

P718 - Key to the Secret Garden Necklace

Shrouded in mystery, could this be the key to life itself? Unlocking secrets that are hidden behind the impenetrable walls, leading to secret liaisons, magical experiences and even romance...that's if you can find the door.
English pewter, emerald green Swarovski crystals, 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.30" x Height 3.43"


Discontinued! Limited stock available


Seraph of Darkness

P719 - Seraph of Darkness Necklace

A large, pewter, classically styled, angel-winged cartouche bearing a black oval cabochon and with a matching crystal dropper. 20" split chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.89" x Height 3.15"




P766 - Planchette Pendant

P766 - Planchette Pendant

Technology from the 19th century seance, spiritualist’s device for communicating with the dead through a talking board and discovering mysteries on the other side.
English pewter, realistic taxidermal eye, 21" black chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.26" x height 2.52"


Eye of Providence necklace

P827 - Eye of Providence

The all-seeing eye of God watching over you, accented by the cosmic influence of the moon to energize your spiritual growth. For over two hundred years the Eye has remained a keystone of the Freemason's symbology.
Pewter pyramid triangle set with a bright blue-pupiled Swarovski crystal eye. On 21" trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Height 1.73" x Width 1.65 "



P780 - Hand Of Macbeth Dagger Pendant

P780 - Hand Of Macbeth Dagger Pendant

Beware the seduction of ultimate power, megalomania will bring about your own downfall.
English pewter, black onyx cabochon, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width .067" x height 2.13"



P769 - Voodoo Doll Pendant

P769 - Voodoo Doll Pendant

Of ancient European origin, the traditional way to inflict percision injury upon those you wish to harm.
English pewter, black cord noose, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.46" x height 5.39"



AW26 - Temp De Sentiment

AW26 - Temp De Sentiment Fob Watch

For the feminine paradigm of Victorian times, gracefully chasing her dreams, the key to happiness and contentment is so often found in the memories of past loves and times gone by...
Polished & antiqued English pewter, Swarovski pearl and crystal, Quartz movement watch, glass watch cover. 32" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 2.13" x height 2.14"


Discontinued! Limited stock available

Kraken necklace

P818 - Kraken

You strain to escape the feel of the monstrous, slippery tentacles writhing to take a stranglehold on your neck, in much the same way that countless others failed to do in mysterious and tragic tales from the sea.
Antiqued English pewter, Volcano effect Swarovski crystal, split trace chain 17" plus a 1 ½" extender.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 4.69" x Height 4.53"


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