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In 2005, I mentioned to a friend that I had been wanting to create magickal candles ...... and Infinite Flame was born.

I wanted to do something different so we began to experiment with magickal gel candles, something no one else had done.

The resulting candles were just as powerful as traditional solid candles.

I had been working with essential oils for many years so I created the blends for each candle while my friend chose the stone for each candle. We discussed each choice to best fit the subject of the candle.

Laura has been practicing witchcraft for over 20 years & is now High Priestess Rhiannon Rose.

Then we decided on the most appropriate color, usually created with glitter for that magickal feel. Some candles have an additional charm or item to fit the purpose.

I wrote the empowering spells. Then the candles were empowered in a circle by both of us.

The candles are left on my altar overnight and then packaged the next morning. A piece of plastic wrap holds the scent in and unwanted energies out. Some netting, a ribbon, and a card...then they are ready to go.

2013: My friend no longer is involved in Infinite Flame so now I sell all my products, except the soap, under this name. I am putting our candles on sale to make way for new ones I will make on my own.

2017: I am finally making new candles! All of the old ones are sold out.

2019: The supplier stopped carrying the glass containers I have been using. I have stopped making the candles until I can find a new source for heat proof glass containers.



Jewelry & Stuff

I have always loved jewelry, especially unique or whimsical items. I have a piece of jewelry for every occasion or ritual. Frustrated by the limitations of depending on other people's tastes, I was thrilled to learn how to make my own jewelry.

I love to experiment and work with stone combinations, often finding the right look by ignoring the rules and going with my intuition. I found that sometimes I can look at a pendant and "see" exactly how the finished piece will look. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with a few exceptions like the Chakra Bracelets. My handcrafted jewelry.

When I discovered pendulums, I decided to create special Pendulums for Infinite Flame. Mine are all unique and one of a kind.


I also do Tarot Readings over the phone.

Go to for details

In the past, I taught jewelry classes at Michaels in Commerce Township along with classes in melt & pour glycerin soap making. I create glycerin soaps using essential oils and natural ingredients under the name Naked Soaps. I have blended the Shopping Cart for both sites so orders can be combined to save shipping costs. I plan on creating new soaps with the same essential oil blends as some of Infinite Flame's candles. The first one is the Prosperity Soap which includes a shiny penny embedded in the soap. 2022: no soap was ordered through the website for 2 years, I ended up using it myself or giving away as gifts. I am deciding whether to continue making it or not

Infinite Flame has now expanded to other products. At shows I sell stones & crystals. I also make incense. Soaking and drying takes a week or so and I prefer to create small batches as space is limited in my house.

All products on the site are created by me, with the exception of the Alchemy of England/ Alchemy Gothic products. I have always loved their products and was thrilled to be able to share them with you.

Do you like how my website looks? I am also a website and graphic designer.

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