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Empowered gel candles for all your
magickal needs

Witches have been using magickal candles for hundreds of years. Traditionally, these are made of solid wax and burned down at one time.

My candles are made of gel and therefore will burn much longer than solid wax candles. This allows you to send your magickal energies out for a much longer period of time. To my knowledge, I am the only crafter of magickal gel candles.

Each candle contains essential oils and a stone/crystal to match the intention of the candle. Once made, the intention is set into the candles in a circle with a spell written specifically for their purpose. The magickal gel candles are empowered with positive white magick, they can only be used for the stated purpose of each candle. They will not work if your intention is to cause harm to another.

*My supplier does not carry the glass containers anymore. I have stopped making the candles until I can find another source for heat safe containers.

NEW candles


The original candles have sold out.

Infinite Flame was a partnership but now there is just me.
I am leaving the pages for the old candles here as
I will be making some of them in the future.
Customer input is always important so if you are interrested
in any of these please let me know.

MIdsummer / Summer Solstice Candle

Summer Solstice

Night Magick Candle

Night Magick



"Infinite Flame Candles are not only beautiful to look at, they are truly an essential magical tool. I use a lot of candles when working with magic, and I discovered that these candles truly enhanced the energies I work with. I enjoyed the purity of their energy so much, that I began to sell them in my store where they soon became a favourite! I still have them on my altar here in Canada.
These are the only gel candles I use!!! Hecate is my absolute favourite! I highly recommend them!"
~ Storm Pealow-Kuhn, High Priestess Sacred Sept of The Swan


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