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Infinite Flame Incense

Made by me!

I have put how many packages available in parenthesis. If you order more than
I have in stock, there will be a delay in shipping while I make more.

Allspice (8)
(good luck, prosperity, healing, strength)

Amber Sandalwood (5) **New Scent**
(attraction, protection)

Buccaneer (9)
(a blend, nautical with a hint of cedarwood & musk)

Clovender (7)
(clove & lavender)
(protection, calming, psychic energies)

Dragon's Blood (6)
(protection, love, enhances energy)

Enchanted Forest (9)
(the mystical scent of a deep, dark forest)

Frankincense Orange Blossom (9)
(calming, purification, meditation)

Green Tea Sage (4)
(energy, healing, cleansing)

Lavender (8)
I started this batch on Imbolc
(peace, calming, balance)

Lavender Rose (3)
(peace, harmony, divination, love)

Musk Sandalwood (3)
(sensuality, love)

Myrrh Violet (1)
made at the time of the Dark Moon
(good luck, happiness, transformation)

Neroli Midsummer - (9)
**Due to the higer price of Neroli oil, this incense is $4 a package,
or 2 for $7. I am unable to code the buttons to reflect this, if interested in this incense please email me **

Orange Blossom & Rose (1)

PatchouLilac ( 1)
(protection, divination)

Peppermint (10)
(clarity, good luck, stimulating)

Pine (5)
(prosperity, strength)
** out of this oil, I ordered a sample of a different pine oil
so scent might change**

Full Moon Sage (2)
(consecration, cleansing, purification)
Made on July 4, 2020

Sandalwood Rose (5)
(harmony, balance, consecration)

Sweetgrass (8)
made on a full moon eclipse
(contacting spirits, purifying)

Vetiver Jasmine (7)
(love, aphrodisiac, prosperity, luck)

Witch's Brew (0)
(a blend of magical spices)

(Check below for out of stock or discontinued scents)

10 Pack

use this form if only ordering one package


Two 10 Packs

use this form when ordering multiple packs to get the discount

& That


These scents are either sold out or I am out of the oil to make them.
Contact me if interested in preordering, otherwise check back for updates.

Myrrh ** not sure if will reorder the oil**
(consecration, protection, transformation)

Pipe Tobacco **not sure if will reorder this oil**
(peace, protection, healing, blessing)

Violet Lavender sold out until I can order more oil
(peace, protection, harmony, happiness)



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