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Created and empowered on August 11, 2009, Old Lughnasadh Eve.
This candle was created with the energies of Lughnasadh in mind:
harvest, thanksgiving, celebration, reward for efforts, God energies - specifically Lugh.

Deep reddish-purple like fine wine to represent the fruits of the harvest and as this is the traditional time for making wine and other products out of the first harvest. Gold glitter represents the Sun's energies that were so powerful at Midsummer but are now starting to wane. Gold is also associated with Lugh.

The stone is rutilated citrine. Rutile grows in quartz as thin 'hairs' of gold, red or black and enhances the energies of the crystal. Citrine is associated with the Sun and fire. We chose it for its properties of manifestation as at this time we see the results of our efforts and it will help bring goals to competition.

Scented with lime (citrus aurantifolia), frankincense (boswellia carteri) , thyme (wild, thymus serpyllum), and cinnamon (bark, cinnamomum zeylanicum). Since there are not any berry essential oils, we had to create a blend with the energies of the holiday. Frankincense was a must as it seems to be the scent of Lughnasadh. Associated with fire, Sun, strength, protection, purification. Lime for strength and is stimulating and uplifting. Thyme is also strength and purification plus courage. Cinnamon is another fire and Sun oil that is uplifting and brings creativity and good luck.

Decorated with a reddish-purple ribbon and either a grape bunch or strawberry sticker.

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