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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

January 26, 2009
Define "wicked".....


Ok, so my Datebook Spell took a bit to get going. It’s been a slow month but now it is picking up. If you tried my spell, please let me know how it is working for you.

I have just added my newest pendulums to the Infinite Flame website. I created these back in October but have not had time to put them online. As I mentioned above, this month has been slow so I took advantage and finally put them here.

I also updated my Enchanted Moon site (finally!) and added a page to promote the fact that I can create magazines. This page has the two issues of The Muse that I worked on, put there as an example of my work but if you missed this magazine when it was around, be sure to download the PDF version. This was a truly wonderful publication and it was fun to work with Storm on it. (She gave me permission to put these on my site)

To continue our Wheel of the Year candle set, Alicia and I are going to create an Imbolc candle this week and empower it on the holiday. We have the colors, stone, and scent all set. I will have more on this in my Imbolc Newsletter and will have the candle on the site as soon as it is done. We are making this candle attuned to the energies of Imbolc but not so much Bridget. We plan to create another candle devoted just to Her as She is the Goddess that we honor when we create our candles.

Year of the Earth Ox

There is a lot going on today: new moon, solar eclipse (at 2:59am so not visible in the States) and the Chinese New Year of the Ox begins. I have always been interested in astrology and my sister & I discovered Chinese astrology back in the 80’s. She found a book that combines the two, The New Astrology by Suzanne White, and we wondered at its accuracy. Well, as soon as she read the first two lines of the section that was me, a Leo Snake, she claimed it was very true. The lines read "The Snake born in Leo is always right. Even if he’s wrong". Hee hee. Actually I can admit when I am wrong, but it has to be proven with charts and graphs and documentation : )

My point is that if you are interested in astrology, take a look at the Chinese years, it may help you better understand why the two people you know who share a zodiac sign are not so much alike if they do not also share a birth year.

So what does The Year of the Ox have in store for us? According to The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes:

"We will feel the yoke of responsibility coming down on us this year. No success can be achieved without conscientious efforts. The trials and tribulations the Ox year brings will be mainly on the homefront. It is a good time to settle domestic affairs and put your house in order. This year will no doubt bear fruit, but the motto is: "No work, no pay!" Time waits for no man; if we are too lazy to sow then we can blame no one if we have nothing to reap. We will find a great many things requiring our attention, and the list of what needs to be done will seem endless. The Spartan influence of the Ox will be a constantly cracking whip over our heads. Better to apply oneself diligently than waste time arguing with the authorities. They will prevail, as the year of the Ox favors discipline.

Most conflicts this year will arise more from a lack of communication and refusal to give in on small technicalities than anything else. But hang on and be patient. Everything will be sorted out and we will be rewarded for our efforts -- so long as we remember to do things the conventional way. This is no time for tricky shortcuts. For the rebels, it may be worthwhile to point out that although the stoical Ox is soft-spoken, he carries a big stick, and this is his year."

Wow. Ok, well, you can find out what sign you are, if you don’t know already, by checking out either one of the books I mentioned or one of the many books out there on the subject. You can probably find out online too. Some books, like the Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, will tell you how your sign fares in each of the 12 years.

The Scent of an Ox

I was wondering what scent would be best for the Chinese New Year 15 day celebration. None of my books listed any, and a search online revealed some interesting facts but not much scent-wise. I did find out a bit about Chinese incense. It is a very important part of their daily rituals and prayers. They believe, as do many witches, that the smoke from the incense carries their prayers up to the heavens. Here’s a bit from the web page

"At first, incense was brought to China from India. Merchants from China traveled across deserts and mountains, along part of what is known as the Silk Route, in their quest to buy incense. The route was notoriously dangerous, with robbers being a constant threat, but it is said that the mystical properties of incense were held in high esteem, even by bandits, who feared to attack shipments of incense. The import of incense continued for several decades until demand finally exceeded supply and the Chinese decided to learn for themselves how to make incense."

So I guess a good way to celebrate the Chinese New Year is to burn incense. My guess would be any floral or spicy scent would do. They do use sandalwood incense often.

The scent that came to me is cherry blossom, I have not seen it as an essential oil but I have seen products with that scent. According to Magical Oils by Moonlight, cherry blossom is used for happiness, harmony & balance, and peace.

Mandarin is a citrus fruit which is also known as Mandarin Orange or Tangerine. It is native to China but now Italy is the biggest producer of Mandarin Oil. Mandarin itself brings happiness but if you do not have it, orange also brings happiness along with harmony & balance, good luck, prosperity and love. All citrus scents will uplift your mood so a nice blend of mandarin or orange, lime, bergamot and grapefruit will help get rid of those winter blahs as you celebrate the Year of the Ox.

~~~~Rhiannon Rose

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The New Astrology, A unique synthesis of the world’s two great astrological systems: the Chinese and Western
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