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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

Oct. 27, 2008
Define "wicked".....

Happy Dark Moon

Hey, I missed another dark moon, didn’t I? At the last dark moon I was planning on creating the Newsletter Archive for the website and wanted to wait until it was done to send the newsletter so I could announce it. Well, by the time I completed it, it was closer to the full moon and I was swamped with work. So now, here it is, another dark moon and I can announce that past issues of both the Dark Moon newsletter and the Wheel of the Year newsletter are available for viewing from the Newsletter Archive page.

Update on Venting About Vendors

While reviewing the past issues of my newsletter, I came across the one where I was venting about vendors leaving a show early . I guess this mainly happens to smaller shows as it was a much different experience at Gibraltar Trade Center. On Sunday just about everyone waited until the very end to pack up. Those that did start early, did so only about an hour before the show ended.

There was one there who really irks me, she will remain nameless but I have done several shows that she has “been” at. This person feels she can show up when she wants (even if it is 4 hours into the show) and pack up when she wants (after staying about 3 hours) and if she feels like honoring the show with her presence, she may show up the next day. Wow, how do I get that elevated above all others that I can ignore the rules and do what I please?

Announcing a new Infinite Flame candle!!

We offer candles for each of the solstices and equinoxes, and now we are creating them for the other four holidays. We are going to create a Samhain candle that will serve the purpose of connecting to those who have passed on. The candle will be made on the night of the new moon and empowered on Halloween! How’s that for cool!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, get a little carried away. The colors were obvious and Alicia researched stones, finding the perfect one for it: smoky quartz. My part is the scent, which was rather tricky as most references for contacting the deceased only gave sage to clear the space, nothing for the spirits themselves. The only scent I found associated with contacting spirits is first.....then I came across several references stating equal parts lavender and sandalwood to attract good spirits (as opposed to evil spirits). Now that sounds like a wonderful scent. One problem....the price of sandalwood. This wonderful oil has jumped in price over 100%. The bottle I have is priced at $12.29 and it is almost gone. The lowest price I have found recently for the same size bottle is $54. Yes, $54. I’m talking about a half ounce bottle (15ml). My online source, Nature’s Gift, has it at $100 or $140 depending on the source of the oil. Ouch.

Being that we only use pure essential oils in our candles, that leaves us with two choices. Use another scent or up the price. My intuition tells me this is the best scent to use. Soooo.....on the new moon we will make 13 candles, empower them on the 31st, and these will sell at $13 (the extra $1 to cover the cost of the sandalwood). I’m thinking they will be worth it : )

**This candle is now on the website, Samhain Candle

Here’s a little more on the two oils for this candle:

Lavender - element: air. Cleansing, healing, love, peace, relaxation, calming, balancing, soothing. Calms the emotions, promotes relaxation, sleep aid. I can attest to the sleep aid part, the first time I put a few drops on our pillows at night, both my boyfriend and I slept through the alarm! This is one of the few oils you can put directly on your skin, it kills germs and is great for cuts, scrapes, and bug bites. Not all lavender is the same, French lavender and American lavender oils will have a different smell, I have compared several and I find the French to be the better oil, but it is a personal taste kind of thing, some like the American better.

Sandalwood - element: water (but I feel it is more earth) Spirituality, healing, protection, wishes, calming and grounding, exotic, sensual. Blends well with many oils. VERY popular with spiritual people, its earthy scent adds an air of sacredness when burned as an incense. One of the first oils I purchased and have always had it on hand for any blend used for meditation or ritual. I often use sandalwood incense to cleanse the house. The best sandalwood comes from India but that is very hard to come by right now.

I found a page with much more info on sandalwood and a little about why it is so expensive, go to


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Credit and

Magical Oils by Moonlight by Maya Heath, very good book, I highly recommend it

My oils are from many sources, including Earth Lore in Livonia and Plymouth, Better Health in Novi, The Vitamin Co. which is a wonderful health food store in Brighton, and online Nature's

My essential oil collection greatly increased thanks the generosity of a wonderful person who recently downsized. Thank you, Storm, for your oils and for letting me steal some recipes : )

None of the above businesses paid to be mentioned. I just want to help those businesses that have gone above and beyond to help me.


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