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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

Nov. 28, 2008
Define "wicked".....

Thanksgiving New Moon Newsletter

Thanksgiving is over and the leftover turkey is in the fridge, or in my family’s case, the tofu turkey is in the fridge! My brother and I are the only members of the family that eat the traditional turkey, the rest are now vegan/macrobiotic. I do try to eat healthier but nothing tastes like a traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, tofu just doesn’t do it. It does help when your sister is a vegan/macrobiotic chef as the rest of the meal was healthy and delicious, her homemade dressing and onion gravy is much better than StoveTop! The main thing was that the whole family was together and we have much to be thankful for.

No, I am not going to do the usual thankful newsletter that everyone else does. I know what I am thankful for and I express it often to the Powers That Be. You really don’t care that I’m thankful for home, health, and the generosity of friends. Of course, that makes it harder to come up with a topic........

A rose by any other name...

Laura is just not a magickal name. Classy, traditional, very common, but not magickal. When I started practicing magick I was on my own, a solitaire going by what I read and instinct. The Gods and Goddesses knew who I was, why use a different name? When I came to a point where I was ready to do rituals and spells with others, then I saw the need for a magickal name. Something to help us prepare ourselves for working “between the worlds”, to set these times apart by not using our mundane names, but special names known only to those participating and the Gods. Then I wanted a “known” magickal name, something cool like Silver Ravenwolf or Starhawk.

My first magickal name came in a meditation. The meditation was not specifically for a magickal name but it included a part where a name appeared. I knew when I got the name it was to be my magickal name. It was the name of a Goddess and a holiday: Ostara. I would never have picked this name for me, Ostara is a Goddess of many things I do not relate to, and it is not my favorite of the holidays. But there it was. It wouldn’t let me go, it kept repeating in my head. So I accepted it. I used this name from the time I started working with others until the day of my official High Priestess ceremony.

I say official because I was a High Priestess before the ceremony, doing the duties of one and recognized by those who know such things as one. The ceremony was a formality only, but it did call for a change to mark the occasion. I asked the High Priestess doing the ceremony to name me, wanting it not to be of my choosing, I wanted it to come from a higher source so I asked her to find my name for me. I received two names, one known only to me, the Gods and the one who named me. The other is what I use in group rituals and will be my “known” magickal name. It is again the name of a Goddess. One I am finding commonly used but that does not make it less special to me.

The reason I am telling you all this? Because from now on my newsletter will be signed with my magickal name, Rhiannon. I thought of trying to spell it different since it is used a lot, but then thought it better to use it as the Goddess spells it as so not to offend. I also use the name Rose, which is spelt with the first letters of my entire magickal name. So from this newsletter on, I will sign off with my “known” magickal name, Rhiannon Rose.

Stress Relieving Oils For the Holidays

As we go into the Holiday season...”its the most wonderful time of the year”, yeah, right ....most of us find ourselves more stressed out as we deal with what gift to buy for everyone, the crowds, the prices, balancing the budget, get the tree - decorate the tree - keep the kids/pets away from the tree, and all the baking (which leads to the weight gain stress)..... oh my! Here is some lovely aromatherapy hints to help you de-stress and enjoy this festive time of year (if I hear Jingle Bells one more time......!)

When I get stressed, the first oil I reach for is lavender, to me it is THE stress relieving oil. When I had trouble sleeping through the night, I found a reference in one of my books that instructed to put a few drops of lavender on your pillow to help you sleep. That night I did just that...and my boyfriend and I slept so deeply that both of us slept through the alarm! I do not put the drops on the pillow every night, I do this whenever life becomes especially stressful as I do not want to get so used to the smell that it does not work. If lavender tends to really relax you, then only use it at night, don’t sniff and drive!

Citrus oils are uplifting, as in they lift your spirits, so if you tend to get depressed around the holidays, sniff some oranges! The citrus oils I’ve used are orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and bergamot. Any one, or any combination, of these that is pleasing to you will do. If you have an oil burner, put a few drops in it and let the fruity smell fill the room. Citrus oils cannot be put directly on the skin but you could add a few drops to your bath (who has time for a bath?), or put a few drops in a carrier oil or your skin cream to keep the subtle scent with you all day. You could also put a few drops on your hairbrush and brush through your hair to keep the scent around you.

A good way to keep these scents handy for when you need a quick de-stressing sniff is to create smelling salts. Find a small container you can carry around without it opening by accident. Put some coarse sea salt in it, then add a couple of drops of your oil or blend of oils to the sea salt. Keep closed tightly so the oils don’t evaporate. Whenever you need a quick pick me up, open the container and breathe in calm, breathe out stress.

Really you can use any scent that is relaxing to you. I read once that peppermint was relaxing! Not in my experience. I find peppermint to be stimulating and use it to wake me up. Vanilla is a scent many find relaxing, reminding one of home and baking. Real vanilla essential oil does not smell like vanilla extract, but if you want to use vanilla extract in the smelling salts or oil burner...go for it. I would not use it on the skin though. Sandalwood is very calming to me, most likely cuz I like to use it when meditating or before a ritual, however the price may make this not the best choice.

If you choose to use an oil you like instead of my suggestions, you might want to stay away from stimulating oils. Pines, eucalyptus, mints, cinnamon, or spicy oils may be your favorite but I doubt they will help you relax as they are known as stimulants. Use those when going out to battle the crowds at the mall, then use calming lavender or citrus oils once you are back at home.

Have a happy and scent-filled holiday season!
~~~~Rhiannon Rose

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Magical Oils by Moonlight by Maya Heath, very good book, I highly recommend it

My oils are from many sources, including Earth Lore in Livonia and Plymouth, Better Health in Novi, The Vitamin Co. which is a wonderful health food store in Brighton, and online Nature's

My essential oil collection greatly increased thanks the generosity of a wonderful person who recently downsized. Thank you, Storm, for your oils and for letting me steal some recipes : )

None of the above businesses paid to be mentioned. I just want to help those businesses that have gone above and beyond to help me.


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