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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

Dec. 31, 2008
Define "wicked".....

Good-bye 2008

This last week of 2008 was filled with delays and problems, I think I’m glad to see this year end. The topper was that I was one of the lucky people who were without power on Sunday. Losing power during the summer isn’t too bad, but in the winter its cold! I happen to have a kerosene heater that really saved the day, without it I would not have been able to stay here. And candles.....lots of candles. Did you know candles can heat a small room? I had 4 pillar candles in the bathroom and they actually raised the temperature from 45 degrees to about 57 degrees in three hours. Not much but enough to make it bearable to use the room! I really was lucky as my power came back on Monday around noon. I did not lose much food and did not deplete my supply of candles.

It did put me behind in all things, including this newsletter. I wanted to send my Date Book/Planner Blessing out last weekend so you could do it at the dark moon but I guess the Powers That Be think it is better to do it on New Year’s. I didn’t have a chance until Monday night to do it but it turned out awesome, if I may so say so myself, which I just did.

Hello 2009

Anyway, I have never used a planner of any kind before even tho I have several. Being frustrated at the lack of forward motion in my career, I decided that this is the year to really focus and get moving towards prosperity. And what do successful people use? A date book/planner. I have had appointments but never so many that I couldn’t remember them. Well, this year I plan to have so many that I will need to write them down (how's that for being optimistic?). And to help me achieve that goal, why not use a little magick? I have done money and prosperity spells but this time I wanted something different. So why not bless and/or empower the planner, which symbolizes the upcoming year, to be filled with opportunities for success. Then it is up to me to keep the appointments and do the work thus creating a successful year. Simple.

I will give you the Blessing/Spell just as I did it. Of course, feel free to change it to suit your needs. Maybe your goal this year is a more active social life, then you would change the colors and scents to fit that goal. Or maybe you are too busy and want more free time, then you could use relaxing scents and colors.

When I do spells like this, I do not put my usual element pieces on the altar (dish of salt, cup of water....), I use the tools of the spell for my elements. I marked each thing as to what element it is below. The reason for this is sometimes the altar becomes too cluttered with all the ingredients for a spell and the usual tools. Do as you seem fit.


Blessing of the Date Book/Planner
to fill it with opportunities

Cleanse date book/planner with sage smudge to clear out all energies it may have from people handling it before you received it.

Set up altar with:

  • Money candle (fire), one specifically for money or a green or gold one. If scented, pine, patchouli, or cinnamon are good choices. I used our Wealth & Prosperity gel candle.

  • Incense (air), again either specifically for drawing money or a money scent. I used one called Money Draw.

  • Oil (water) to anoint the date book/planner. I used a custom money blend I created, I would recommend either patchouli or pine (cinnamon might stain).

  • Place cleansed date book/planner in front of where you will be and surround it with prosperity stones or crystals (earth). I used four stones: jade, aventurine, malachite, and a lodestone (which draws things to you).

  • Place a pen, green preferably, next to the date book/planner. This is so you can write the spell on a blank page while your concentration and energy is focused on this goal (spirit).

  • You can include a candle for your specific deity or for the God and Goddess if you have one. I have a candle I use whenever I work with Hecate that I placed next to the W & P gel candle.

Cast as usual. Call upon the God and/or Goddess and light their candle. Ask them to bless you and the book. Light the money candle and incense. Pick up the book and pass it through the incense smoke, take your time, and think about what you want to accomplish in the coming year. I spoke my goals out loud while opening the book to every page while in the smoke. Then set the book back in the middle of the stones and pick up the oil. With a drop of oil, anoint the front and the back of the book, still visualizing your goals for the coming year. Stand with your hands over the book and direct your energy into it as you repeat the spell three times:

The New Year begins, a fresh start I possess
I vow to move forward, I will not regress
This book will be filled with opportunities galore
Making this year more prosperous than the year before”

Now is the time to write the spell on a blank page in your book. When done, stand with the book in your hands and repeat the spell again three times. You may add an ending like “by the power of 3x3, as I say so mote it be”.

Thank your God and/or Goddess for their help and close your circle. You can leave the candle burning if it is safe to do so. If possible, leave the date book/planner inside the circle of stones overnight.

Below is a picture of my setup for this spell. This image was taken with my new digital camera, once shrunk for the web it is not so clear. I may set up again and retake for clarity this weekend.

Date Book/Planner Blessing set up

I hope this spell brings you great success. I will update throughout the year as to my success. May this year be filled with joy, happiness, peace, and magick.....

~~~~Rhiannon Rose

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