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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

December 29, 2014
Define "wicked".....


Last Newsletter of the Year

So now we come to the end of 2014. This was a big year for change, at least for me.

The Universe decided it was time for me to stop wasting my talents by housecleaning for a living (altho I am very good at that) so it gave me a back injury. I had little signs before this but I ignored them, this got my attention! In 2015 my goal is to find a source of income that will allow me to stop cleaning altogether (I still do it twice a week).

I am now single again. That makes the holidays hard at times but it is Brian I miss, not Michael. I am having fun going out with girl friends and flirting. Enjoying this time doing what I want and discovering who I am now. The right guy will come along when its time and it will be magic.

These things cleared the way for me to do things I have been putting off. Like making incense. Doing tarot readings professionally. I finally got the energy right for doing magick again and will be making candles after the new year. Infinite Flame was begun during January so its the perfect time for it's rebirth.

These changes were tuff to go through but they will make me happier in 2015. I hope whatever changes and challenges you were faced with in 2014 will do the same for you. The new moon on the Winter Solstice heralded a chance for a new beginning, so lets take it and create the life we have always wanted!

Tarot Reading, Incense, and Stuff

The next Holistic Show at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens is January 16, 17, & 18. Lets all hope for good weather so I can be there! If you didn't get what you wanted for the holidays from me or other vendors, this is a great time to treat yourself. Wore down from the holidays? Get a massage or healing from Millie or one of the other talented healers that will be there. Or if you just wanna get out of the house, come to the show and visit with us.

I am now doing tarot readings by phone! Go to to set up an appointment and pay. I have put a scheduling app on the site to make it easy. I offer a 30 minute reading for $30 or a 60 minute reading for $60. I have blocked out the days I houseclean and am at shows, plus two days before a show as I am busy doing last minute prep. Appointments are made 48 hours in advance through the site. If I have free time, I will post on Infinite Flame's Facebook page that I am available for readings so be sure to like and follow Infinite Flame. (for these readings I will take the credit card info over the phone and process with the app I use at shows, unless you prefer to pay with PayPal through the site once we connect by phone).

One of the tarot speads I do is an overview for the coming year. The layout is like the 12 card horoscope spread but each of the 12 cards shows the overall theme or focus for each month, a 13th card can be added for a summary of the year. Any month that you want more info, another card can be drawn.

I have put Infinite Flame's incense on the website. They are priced at $3 for a 10 pack or 2 packs for $5. I have a limited number of cones for a few of the scents but these are only available at shows. Recently I made Pine, Myrrh, and Frankincense Orange Blossom. Get them here.

As some of you know, I have an account on Twitter but I'm not sure I'm going to keep tweeting. After 4 months I am not getting very many followers and honestly am not seeing the point of it all. It is like Facebook only your text is limited. If you use Twitter, please follow me and spread the word. If i can get it going I'll stick with it.

Twitter is where I started Tarot Tuesday, where I draw a card that gives advice for the next week. I have started putting Tarot Tuesday on Facebook too as I can write more. I am doing Stoned Saturdays too, where I post info about a stone or crystal, again on Facebook too as I can put more info. Working on other ideas for other days.

Intuition Stones

I originally wanted to write about the history of tarot cards but have not had the time to really research this topic thoroughly. So that will be the topic of another newsletter.

Instead I'll write about stones and crystals that enhance one's intuition. There are many stones that are known to help one connect to spirits, the Universe, and /or your sixth sense.

Most readers will have clear quartz and/or amethyst on their table. Clear quartz has been used for channeling and to communicate with spirits. It also enhances the energies of other stones. Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibration. It opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts. I have 3 clear quartz points I recently started keeping with my cards.

Clear Quartz   Amethyst

My new wand has Tibetan quartz and ametrine at each end of a deer horn. I purchased it when I decided to start reading cards professionally because I wanted...oh, I don't enhance my gifts, protect my cards, help me focus. I just felt I needed something new with my cards. It was made by RA Moonhawk "Wizard of Wands", whom I met at a show in Ann Arbor and then he did the October show at Gibraltar. His wands are amazing. He wrote on the tag that it is for "balance, transformation, open the 3rd eye, meditation, and abundance". I definately was going through a transformation and yes, the abundance aspect is nice. Deer is one of my totem animals and I think that is why I was drawn to it.

My personal favorite stone to have on the table when I do readings is labradorite. To me, the way light reflects from within the stone is symbolic of hidden things coming to light. Labradorite promotes psychic abilities, & helps one to understand intuitive thought from the subconscious mind. It increasees intuition, psychic development, esoteric wisdom, provides help with subconscious issues, and mental illumination. I have a small labradorite sphere I have kept with my cards since I purchased it years ago.


Moonstone is an obvious choice, because of its association to the moon and feminine energy. Moonstone makes conscious the unconscious and promotes intuition & empathy. Enhances psychic abilities and helps develop clairvoyance, worn as a pendent it encourages you to accept your psychic gifts. It comes in many shades; white, peach, blue, silver grey, and black. Whichever you are attracted to will work, altho some think the white is the most powerful. I have a silver grey one in a cage that I wear sometimes when I do readings.


Black Obsidian is a good choice too, as a piece with a smooth side was orginally used as a scrying mirror. Nothing can be hidden from obsidian. It is strongly protective and removes negative spiritual influences. Hmm, I have an apache tear that I'm thinking needs to go with my cards.

Black Obsidian

A stone that is new to me but I feel is extremely spiritual is howlite. I purchased some tumbled stones to sell and the energy was so calming yet at the same time I felt connected to everything in the universe. I made a necklace with a howlite pendant and chips to which I added hematite to provide some grounding to this uplifting stone. Then when I looked up the properties it said "Links to the spiritual dimensions, opening attunement and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insights. It assists journeys out of the body and accessing past lives. Foucusing your sight into a piece of howlite can transport you to another time or dimension. Placed on the third eye, it opens memories of other lives." Wow. (I don't have a picture of this stone yet)

So those are the stones I use for enhancing intuition. By no means is this a complete list. If there is a stone you use that I didn't mention, feel free to email me about it. I'll pass on the info in a upcoming newsletter.

*Note: After I sent this newsletter, I added my apache tear to the stones I use for readings. When I did the next reading for a client I also put my new carnelian sphere (which has an "eye" on it) on the table too. The reading went extremely well as did my ownyearly reading I did later the same day.

Have a safe, happy, and prosperous new year!

~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

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