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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

November 9, 2014
Define "wicked".....


November Sale & Show

Wow, I can't believe its September, …um, October,….I mean November already. Sorry this newsletter is a little late. I had no inspiration in September. Then a conversation inspired me so I had a subject for the newsletter. Then the dark moons kept happening during busy weeks. I really meant to get this out before Halloween. Better late than never I guess.

I'm having a hard time figuring out who I am now and what direction to go. I've been through so much that I'm not the same, and yet I still procrastinate and let things slide. I'm working on it. Just be patient and I'll get these out more regularily.

I guess I'll just have to offer Free Shipping to make up for it. That's right, free shipping on any order from Infinite Flame and Naked Soaps. Valid until November 30, 2014. Oh, I forgot about Cyber Monday, guess I'll extend it to December 1.

Saturday November 29 is Small Business Saturday! I will be at the Body n' Soul Wellness Expo at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, I know on Black Friday you'll be at all the big chain stores getting awesome bargins. So with all the money you save there, come shop at a small business on Saturday and keep some of that money in Michigan. EVERY booth in Gibraltar is a small business (well, most of them. At the Body n' Soul some booths are bigger companies. But you get my point).

What I Have Been Working On

I finally started making incense. I have made Sandalwood Rose, Witch's Brew, Vetiver Jasmine, and just put out to dry today Patchouli Lilac. They were a big hit at the last Holistic Show. I hope to have at least 2 more scents by the next show. I will get them online but maybe not until next year as I want more choices when I add them to the website.

I have had some jewelry ideas but haven't made them yet. I made 5 new necklaces for the last show and 3 sold! No new candles yet either, still working on the energy in my house to be sure they work as good as the previous candles. I have all the pendulums I've made online and ready to find homes. I have added a Pendulum Archive to the site to show off all the pendulums I've sold and made for myself or as gifts.

Many people have asked me about doing tarot readings so I have decided to start doing phone readings. I do not want to do them at shows as 1. there are already many talented readers at the shows and B. when I'm at the shows I want to sell product and talk to the people who stop by my tables. If you are someone who lives close enough I will consider a live reading but for the most part the readings will be by phone. I am working on fees and schedule, I will send a special newsletter to announce details (really, I will, honest).

And if you don't believe I'll get the newsletter out, well then you can just follow me on Facebook or Twitter, smarty-pants! Actually, those are the better ways to keep up with what's new. Now that I can take pictures on the tablet and upload them easier than my camera, I post more often about new products. I have announced new incense and followers got to see the new necklaces before the show. On Twitter I am doing Tarot Tuesday, where I will draw a card that gives advice for the next week. I have seen other readers announce on Facebook when they are available for readings, so I am considering doing the same. You need to follow Infinite Flame, not my personal page, for the announcements. I may tweet tarot times too (say that 5 times fast! Hee hee).

Alter Your Life With an Altar

Back in September, a friend's sister called me about setting up an altar. She wanted to know where she could order stuff to go on an altar so she could set one up. In the course of the conversation we discovered she had enough to set up the altar without shelling out a single dime. So I wondered, how many people think they need fancy expensive stuff in order to set up an altar. Most of mine started with stuff I had on hand.

To set up an altar, first you must decide what the altar is for. I have two dedicated to Goddesses, another for prosperity in my feng shui prosperity corner of my house, a recent one with shaman/native American items, and for a year after he died, I had one set up to honor Brian's memory much like those in Mexico.

Then decide on where it will be in your house. Do you want it viewable to guests in your house, or more private. Is there an area in your house that relates to the subject of the altar, like in feng shui. Find a spot that won't be disturbed and if you plan on burning candles be sure it is fire safe (no curtains or drafts).

Last, set it up! Usually you start with a clean cloth, a color that relates to the subject or white. Then place the items you want on it. A book or person might say something like "always put the candle in the center" or "the deity's statue must be to the left", but honestly, its your altar, set it up as you want. You can always move stuff around, in fact that is encouraged. An altar should be cleaned and changed regularily. Even if all you do is rearrange it. It keeps the energy flowing.

As I stated before, you don't have to go out and buy gold plated stuff or fancy candle holders. Use personal items that relate. When you are shopping, keep an eye for anything that fits. If you really want gold plated stuff and can afford it, then get that. The God or Goddess or Energy the altar is dedicated to is not going to care if the items were free or over $100. It's the effort you put into it, your personal energy that makes it effective.

Some examples:

Brigit Altar

This is my Brigit altar. The image of Brigit is a Christmas angel I had for years before making this altar. Since red is associated with Brigit and she was wearing red, it worked for me. I added the sword and the intention that it was Her. The cauldron represents Brigit's well. The anvil I got on clearance at JoAnn's in the jewelry making section. The cloth is the newest addition, again on clearance at JoAnn's after St. Patrick's Day. Before that I used a red cloth.

This is the spot of my main Goddess altar. Brigit occupies it winter to spring, bringing inspiration as this is the time I am most productive in my crafts. It is behind the front door of my house, on a big video cabinet. The cloth covers my old stereo system (yes, it's a record player). I don't know why I keep it except to elevate my altar! The crystal candlesticks stay, for Brigit I put green tapers.

Shaman/ Native American Altar

This is my newest altar. My parent's gave me the big Native American doll for Christmas last year. I had her on the floor but wanted to put her where she would be safer. The cloth I got in the remnants at JoAnn's (before I got the doll or the idea for this, I just liked it). I added the items I used in the Shaman class I took: stones that I had with me during journeys, the toy drum I used in drum circles, the mask I created for ceremony (sitting on a wolf that was Brian's, ever since I made the mask it has rested on this wolf). There are lion items that represent my totem animal. A Native American doll I've had since I was a kid. When we made the Shaman Candle, I poured mine into the square container and that sits on it too. The tarnished silver stand is engraved with animals on the inside, when I took the shaman class, I started keeping the stones I used on it. To me it fits because the animals represent totems. The newest piece is the wand from Tailsiman Treasures.

This altar sits on a table that was my parent's. Inside it I keep my magickal candles and some decor items when not on display.

Rhiannon Altar

This is my Rhiannon altar, it is in my bedroom. The others are in the living room. Since my magickal name is Rhiannon, I felt this one was more personal so I didn't want it viewable to just anybody. Storm gave me the name, and the cloth with horses plus the piece of driftwood are gifts from her. The black & white egg and white horse were used during my High priestess ceremony. The big Pegasus was given to me many years ago by a friend, I lost touch with her not long after but she is now back in my life. The black horse is Black Beauty, a promotional item from when we owned the video store. The painted plate and picture of Rhiannon were gifts from Alicia back when we made candles. Everything else is horse stuff I had, plus stones and crystals I felt needed to be on the altar.

This one sits on a jewelry cabinet. My staff leans against it.

Hecate Altar

My Hecate altar has changed the most. The dark purple cloth has a beautiful embroidery done in black that doesn't show up in the picture, given to me by Storm and perfect for this Goddess. Dark purple amethyst and fluorites. Keys that I picked up on clearance or sale at Michael's. The purple glass bowl I found at the garage sale at Gibraltar, only $1! The mirror I found at the recycle center in Novi years ago, it has been on this altar ever since. Purple flowers from Christmas gifts. Hecate occupies this spot Spring to Fall. I even found towels with keys at JoAnn's last year. Black or purple tapers.

The best part is the figurine. Ever since I recognized my Goddess was Hecate, I searched for an image of Her. Sacred Source has some beautiful reproductions of Greek statuary of Her. I had thought that was what I would get, when I had the money. But then I saw the image Jessica Galbreth did of Hecate on a card. I bought it right away and put that card on the altar. I love that image, that is the Hecate I know. It was on the altar for several years and I gave up on getting the expensive Greek image, I liked this one even if it was only a card. Then, two Christmas's ago, my brother got me the figurine from Earth Lore. So this is a prime example of not needing to spend a bunch of money up front to build an altar. Let it grow and progress, sometimes what you think you want isn't the best item for it. The right items for your altar will show up at the right time.

~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

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Moon Phases
& Sign

Dark Moon in Scorpio:
October 23- 5:57pm

Sun enters Scorpio
October 23 - 7:57am
Solar Eclipse
October 23 - 5:45pm

1st Quarter in Aquarius:
October 30 - 10:48pm

October 31

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November 2 - 2:00pm
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November 22 - 7:32am

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Llewellyn's Witches Datebook for all moon phases

Song Quotes:

I couldn't hear or sing
this song for a while
after Brian died. When I
met Michael, I thought
maybe he had come to
save me, but I was
wrong. This song fits
how I feel & I sang it
during karaoke on
Halloween night when
I knew Brian was with
me .

Save Me
by Queen

It started off so well
They said we made a
perfect pair
I clothed myself
in your glory &
your love
How I loved you
How I cried

The years of care
& loyalty
Were nothing but a
sham it seems
The years belie
we lived the lie
"I love you til I die"

Save me, save me
Save me
I can't face this life alone
Save me, Save me, oh
I'm naked and I'm far
From home

The slate will soon be
I'll erase the memories
To start again with
somebody new
Was it all wasted
All that love?

I hang my head
And I advertise
A soul for sale or rent
I have no heart
I'm cold inside
I have no real intent

Save me, Save me
Save me
I can't face this life alone
Save me, Save me, Oh
I'm naked and I'm
far from home

Each night I cry
I still believe the lie
I love you
Til I die

Save Me is from the
album The Game.
Ironic that this album
also has the song
Dont' Try Suicide.

I think its my favorite
Queen album as it
also has Need Your
Loving Tonight, Dragon
Attack, Play the Game
and Crazy Little Thing
Called Love


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