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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

July 2017
Define "wicked".....


The End of an Era

I feel like I have had the rug pulled out from under me.

For those that haven't heard yet, Gibraltar Trade Center is closing.

Gone. Done, No More.

I have been doing shows there since 2007. For the last 5 years, I was doing them every month. Like clockwork, every month I drove the same route for 3 days, did the same set up, saw familiar faces that worked there, and visited with the other regular vendors and people who came to the show.

I met wonderful life long friends. Those shows, and the people there, helped me deal with Brian's death. We became family. Some vendors came and went, others were there before me. I imagined me being the "old timer" that young vendors would meet in future years.

All gone.

I looked forward to every show. Connecting with like minded people, visiting with customers and hopefully helping them deal with what they were going through. Getting feedback on my products, learning about other's products and services. Even bad shows were fun because we could laugh about it.

I am still in shock I think. Us vendors can find other shows, but those that worked the office, security, and ran the place...they lost their jobs. The vendors in the main area...that was their shop, their source of have nowhere to go.

They haven't annouced who bought the place, but it does not seem likely that they will open the same type of business. The last weekend they are open is the last weekend in August, The Holistic Show is scheduled for that weekend.

We will be the last show they ever have.

Scary Stuff

I am trying not to panic but these shows pay half my bills every month. After August, I only have one show booked in October. I honestly do not know what to do. In the past few months I have been trying to find more income but my efforts have come to naught. I want to continue Infinite Flame, and keep doing shows. But I don't want to lose my house either. And other shows cost more for space. That cuts into profits. We are discussing trying to continue shows with the same vendors, hoping for that to pan out.

I have some ideas I'm working on, but it takes time to be profitable. Please send me some positive thoughts and prayers that I find my way to new and better things that will let me keep doing what I love.

Thank you.

(I'll return to normal informative newsletters next time)

Business goes on....

The stores in the main area are having liquidation sales. You may want to get there and take advantage plus help these people out, you can't pay bills with inventory sitting in storage somewhere.

We have two more Holistic Shows. July 28-30 and August 25-27. Stock up on our products, although most of us are online. You can always order on this site....yes, I know I haven't been keeping it updated. Stuff has been selling fast.....I will be updating it after the July show with whatever doesn't sell.

Just to be clear....its the main area of Gibraltar that is having the liquidations. Those of us in the show area are not closing our businesses.

My jewelry is one of a kind, mostly. If you have been eyeing a piece, you might want to pick it up at a show or pay shipping after. The Alchemy Gothic jewelry on the website is always available online but not at shows.

I'm low on some incense as I have run out of some of the oils. I'm not sure when I'll order more, probably not until I know whats what with shows.

Oh, and my air wasn't working for a month when we first had that hot humid weather. So I was unable to make candles, soap, or incense for a month. That made my stock low too. (boy, is this ever bad timing). I'm doing what I can by the July show, but won't be making new candles until August.

I did get new tumbled stones and will have new caged stone necklaces at the show. My sister and I went to the UP for almost a week and I have hematite and jaspilite now for sale. I picked up small pieces so I can make jewelry and sell some for a buck or two. And I have some bigger pieces also.

I did restock the broom pens too! A bonus when you spend over $20 (One per customer, while supply lasts)

Blessed be,

~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

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