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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

January 2018
Define "wicked".....



OMG, its hard to believe it's actually 2018! Wasn't yesterday like, 2000?

Happy New Year! This one begins with a full moon, lots of energy to start us off on what is hopefully a better year all around. Last year we had Mercury still in retrograde on January 1st, and I believe it set the theme for many people as miscommunication, car troubles, electronics acting up, and false starts seemed to be the norm. Even though the moon was actually void-of-course at the stroke of midnight last night, it quickly moved into Cancer (at 3:10am EST) and is full at 9:24pm EST today.

It is called the Cold Moon for good's freaking cold out! Last week and this we have had highs in the teens and nighttime single digits, if not below zero, temps.....and that's not even including the wind chill! I dread my upcoming gas and electric bill, my house does not hold the heat very well. I'm sitting here in double layers and even my fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm as I work on the computer. Even colder later this week, ugh. And although I love a white Yule / Christmas, the snow can go now. Not only has my back had enough, but I'm leery of booking a show as it is so hard to predict if I will be able to get there. I love Michigan but I'm really beginning to hate winter.

The other cool thing about this January is we have two full moons. One today and one on January 31, the later being a lunar eclipse. And there will be two full moons in March also. That leaves February with no full moon at all. These second moons in a calendar month will be called Blue Moons but they are not actually blue moons according to the original seasonal definition. In my December 2009 Newsletter I go into detail about the differences, along with a couple links to interesting articles about blue moons. And I just read an article online about this year that gives dates for the next few years, check out EarthSky Twice in a Blue Moon in 2018. The phrase "once in a blue moon" relates to the seasonal definition as those are way more rare than calendar blue moons..

Infinite Flame Update

Some quick business...

I am adding new Alchemy England items to the site. I just added their Tarot Deck and Playing cards. The jewelry is done except for rings, but I want to get their other products up before I add those as setting up order buttons with sizes will be very time consuming. New stuff is always announced on FaceBook first so be sure to follow Infinite Flame and interact to be sure posts show up on your newsfeed.

I will be getting my jewelry online. Yes, I know I've been saying this but with the lack of quality shows, I really need to do it.

Right now I do not have any shows booked but am looking. I will update the Home page when I have shows to announce.

You can still purchase from me between shows. Either through the website or contact me directly as not everything is online yet. An email or message on Facebook is best. Remember the Naked Soaps site is linked to the same PayPal Shopping Cart so orders from both sites are combined into one transaction.

I offer Tarot Readings by phone, which works out great during this cold snowy winter. No worries about road conditions. Go to for info then contact me to set up an appointment. One reading that is fun for this time of year is a modified Wheel of the Year spread in which 12 cards are picked and each one is read as the overall theme for that month. I did this reading for myself last January and The Fool came up for the month that Gibraltar Trade Center closed. The Fool is the beginning of the journey through the Major Arcana cards, it indicates a new beginning, a leap of faith, going forward into the unknown. Yep. Exactly.

I'll be doing a monthly 12 card spread for myself tonight. Contact me if interested in a reading, special price for newsletter subscribers.

And lastly, I also do freelance computer work. I not only do my own websites, but several for clients too. I can also handle your Social Media Marketing (keeping yours accounts active by posting for you). Check out for more info, or contact me to discuss your needs.

Stone of Focused Action - Bronzite

The Women's Expo in Ann Arbor I did last fall was so slow that my friend Kristin and I were looking up properties of some of the stones I sell. We both decided we needed bronzite, and I figured it would be a good stone to write about. So now I finally am, guess I really need one as my actions were not too focused lol!

So what is Bronzite? The technical is a complex composition of metals and silicates. It gets its name from the warm, metallic, golden-brown luster. Unlike metal ores, light plays on Bronzite's fibers, or granules, giving it a mosaic or jigsaw-like pattern. It is actually a soft stone, and brittle so it may shatter if dropped.


Bronzite helps integrate elements or different points of view, great for group work. This is a stone of courtesy. It helps us to be non judgmental, helps pin point most important choices, and promotes decisive action. Have one with you for important meetings as it increases self assertion, restores composure, and assists in keeping a cool head. You are able to go with the flow of divine will, release any negative patterns, and see the bigger picture.

It deflects negative energy and is very protective. It can actually return any curse or ill-wishing sent your way, but it magnifies it. So the person who sent the negative energy gets it back stronger. You can pair it with black tourmaline to absorb the energy instead of returning it if you wish.

In healing, Bronzite supports and balances masculine yang energy. It helps with chronic exhaustion, cramps, and nerves. It helps with the assimilation of iron and also dispels restlessness caused by emotional ailments. It relates to the solar plexus chakra.

I think I am drawn to it as it contains iron/hematite (one of my favorite stones) and because of its golden brown color it is associated with the sun, August, and the sign of Leo.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you found this info useful. Wishing you and yours a happy, prosperous, and magickal new year!

Blessed be,

~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

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Moon Phases
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Full Moon in Cancer
January 1 - 9:24pm
Cold Moon

Last Quarter in Libra
January 8 - 5:25pm

Dark Moon in Capricorn:
January 16 - 9:17pm

Sun enters Aquarius
January 19 - 10:09pm

Quarter in Taurus:
January 24 - 5:20pm

Full Moon in Leo
January 31 - 8:27am
Calendar Blue Moon
Lunar Eclipse -8:27am

February 2
Groundhog Day

Imbolc Crossquarter
Day - February 3
Sun reaches 15°

Last Quarter in Scorpio
February 7 - 10:54am

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday
February 13

Dark Moon in Aquarius
February 15 - 4:05pm
Void-of-course 4:05pm
Solar Eclipse - 4:05pm

Lunar New Year
February 16
Year of the Dog begins

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Llewellyn's Witches Datebook for all moon phases

The Essential Guide to Crystals by Simon & Sue Lilly

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