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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

August 2019
Define "wicked".....


Better Late Than Never!

Hello again! I know, I know, its been a while since my last newsletter. No real reason other than I've been letting other things sidetrack me.

But now, hopefully, I will get back on track and send these with more regularity.

One reason I have been procrastinating is that Bravenet, the company I use to send these out, updated (ugh) to make the newsletters more phone friendly...which means simpler, streamlined, and boring-looking. So the 2 column format I liked doesn't look as good. And now that most people surf the web online, the newsletters on my website do not look as nice as I used a 3 column design which gets squished and hard to read.

So now I will put the Moon Phases and Signs, Credit & Butt-Kissing, and Song Quote at the bottom of the newsletter on my website, they won't be in the email so you will have to click to my website. I will be updating the design of the previous newsletters in the Archive on my website to make them more readable (this may take a while as I'm also updating other parts of my website).

Since I collected many rocks and crystals while on vacation to my favorite place, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a few weeks ago, in this newsletter I will be talking about hematite, magnetite, and lodestone. Specifically, how to tell the difference between them. All are forms of iron, but they are different and telling them apart is easier once you know what to look for in your specimen. To put it simply, if a magnet doesn't stick then its hematite, if a magnet sticks then it is magnetite, and if it is itself magnetic then it is lodestone. There is much more to these minerals and I'll go into detail later in the newsletter, but first....some business....

Infinite Flame Updates

Its been very hard to find quality shows since Gibraltar Trade Center closed but I've been lucky to find some good ones. You can always check the Home Page for show announcements, and follow me on Facebook. I do not have anything booked in September at the moment, although I will be helping my sister at the 5th Annual Grand Rapids VegFest, on September 22 at the Delta Plex Arena from 10am to 4pm. I will have some of my products, not sure which yet.

In October I will be doing the biannualEnlightened Soul Expo that I have been doing for 6 years. It is usually in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti but for the October show it is at the Southfield Pavilion. So all you East side friends who used to come to Gibraltar can come say HI. There are many vendors that did the Gibraltar shows that do this one too, plus many cool new people I have met. I'll send more info closer to the show.

You can still purchase from me between shows. Either through the website or contact me directly as not everything is online yet. An email, or message on Facebook is best. Remember the Naked Soaps site is linked to the same PayPal Shopping Cart so orders from both sites are combined into one transaction.

This summer has been very humid here in Michigan, and glycerin soap is very temperature sensitive. What I mean by that is how it sets up after melting the base to add the oils. If it is too hot and humid, the soap doesn't cure properly and the finished product is very soft, so doesn't last as long. I haven't been making any soap but once we get into September, I should be able to start up again. The humidity also effects the drying time of the incense. I have been very busy making it ever since I was able to order new supplies in the spring. Check out what is in stock on the Incense page, the number in parenthesis is how many 10 packs I have.

I am still looking for a supplier for the glass containers for the Magickal Gel Candles. To be safe, I only use Anchor Hocking or other heat proof containers. Once I find some, I'll be making more candles.

I offer Tarot Readings by phone, no worries about construction or road conditions. Go to for info then contact me to set up an appointment. I am considering offering them by email also as scheduling is sometimes hard with the weird hours I work.

Hematite, Magnetite, and Lodestone... Oh My!

Everyone knows I love hematite. Seriously, if you ever were at my booth at a show and asked a simple question about it, you know. I can talk about it for a long, long time. More than you wanted to know. Out with friends, any hint at someone being curious about my rings and yep, I'm talking about its properties and finding it in the UP.

But even I don't know everything about it (gasp!). And that inspired me to do more research, especially as some of what I collected in the UP that I thought was hematite, is actually magnetite. They look exactly alike, and are found in the same places. It is fairly simple to tell them apart, though, just grab a magnet. As the name suggests, magnetite is, well, magnetic. Hematite does not contain enough iron to be magnetic. Hematite is iron with many impurities, so the magnetic field is very weak.

Sorry to burst your bubble but those magnetic hematite rings and beads...are not hematite. They are man made to look like hematite. In fact, most 'hematite' jewelry is man made. Some contains actual hematite, some contains magnetite. But they are beneficial to wear. Magnets have many health benefits, as does hematite. So continue to wear your hemalyke (trade name) jewelry, and enjoy it.

Another good way to tell the difference, and a bit more scientific, is a streak test. No, this does not involve stripping. A streak test is the process of rubbing a stone or crystal on an unglazed tile and checking the color of the streak left on it. What I find so cool about hematite is, although it is black or silvery grey, it leaves a red streak on the tile. Magnetite has a black streak.

Ok, so what about lodestone? Well, lodestone is magnetite that is itself a magnet. While a magnet will stick to magnetite, it won't pick up other pieces of metal on its own. A magnet will stick to lodestone, and so will other pieces of metal. You might see lodestone in a store with small pieces of metal shavings sticking to it to show that it is indeed magnetic.

I found so much info on hematite and magnetite, including how it formed and where it can be found, that it would make a very long newsletter. So I created a page on my website as part of the Stone Information that has all the information. On this page I also have pictures, some are mine and some found on the Internet (credit given). I am hoping to take some good ones of my stones to add to the page. So go check out the Iron Stones page to read more about these pretty shiny stones that can be found in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Blessed be,

~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

Moon Phases
& Sign

Dark Moon in Scorpio:
August 30 - 6:37 am

First Quarter in Sagittarius:
September 5 - 11:10 pm

Full Moon in Pisces
September 14 - 12:33 am
Harvest Moon
void of course -12:33 am
enters Aries 6:32 PM

Last Quarter in Gemini
September 21 - 10:41 PM
void of course 10:41 PM

Mabon / Fall Equinox
September 23
Sun enters Libra- 3:50 am

Dark Moon in Libra
September 28 - 2:26 PM


Credit and

Llewellyn's Witches Calendar for all moon phases


Song Quotes:

"You gotta take some time,
And fight for the answers, they're hard to find don'tcha
Start makin' your chances materialize

Learn how to bend
Learn how to break
Learn how to mend
Broken heartaches
Learn to forgive
Learn how to wait
Learn how to live
before its too late"

Learn How To Live by Billy Squire

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