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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

November 2021
Define "wicked".....


I'm Still Here

Its been ages since I sent a newsletter! The last one was fall of 2019. Wow.
But as you all well know, its been crazy the last two years.

I've pretty much been taking a break. When shows started getting cancelled and we had the stay at home order, I was still creating products. But as time dragged on and the lack of orders....I stopped making all but the incense.

One reason I wasn't creatively inspired was that right when the stay at home order started, my cat, Sandee, passed away. I have written about her many times in this newsletter, including when I got her after my aunt passed. So not only dealing with the uncertainty and craziness of the whole covid thing, I was grieving and cut off from everyone while my house was emptier than its ever been.

So I've been dealing with depression. It got so bad I reached out to Mike the Herb Guy and he was able to help somewhat. But I still have good days and bad days. And if you have any experience with depression, you know it zaps your creativity.

I'm working on getting back to my creative self and where to take Infinite Flame Magick Shoppe. Read on for more updates on that.

I'm sending this newsletter today really just to see how many of you are still interested and if the email addresses are up to date.

Infinite Flame Product Updates

I have not started doing shows again. I really don't have enought product right now, except for Incense and the stones I collected in the UP.

INCENSE is the ONLY THING I've been selling so far online. Ok, seriously I thought the soap would be popular but I guess incense is more essental lol.
If you haven't checked out the Incense Page lately, take a look. I've added some new scents like Enchanted Forest and Purple Rain (lilac). I've also added a line of INDUL-SCENTS , incense made with higher priced oils. I will be making more new scents soon.

I have not been making soap. Michigan has had a very hot and humid year ...which is so not good for making glycerin soaps. I'm hoping to be making more soon now that winter is here. Not even worth going to my website as the only soap I have in stock is Goddess (I've been using it and giving some away as gifts)

I am still looking for a supplier for the glass containers for the Magickal Gel Candles. (To be safe, I only use Anchor Hocking or other heat proof containers. ) I am wondering if it is worth making them again. They didn't sell great BUT since I stopped making them, I've had interest. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in me making them again, PLEASE let me know. Thank you.
If you are unfamiliar with the candles, I still have the main page up

I haven't been making jewelry. But I have been learning photography so I can take great photos of my jewelry to put online. start making it again. Now that Michigan is getting cold and the sunny warm weather isn't calling me, I will be more active doing indoor activities.

I offer Tarot Readings by phone, no worries about construction or road conditions. Go to for info then contact me to set up an appointment. I am considering offering them by email also as scheduling is sometimes hard with the weird hours I work.

Alchemy of England Products

I have been actively keeping up with Alchemy of England, also known as Alchemy Gothic. I sell their products on my website. I have been a fan of theirs for many years, my first pentacle necklace came from them (really cool with bronze flames but sadly no longer available).

I've had the jewelry up for a long time but have added their kitchen ceramics, mirrors, trinket boxes and will be adding more soon.

That's it for now, hopefully I will be sending these more often,...but I usually jinx myself when I say that....I promise it won't be two more years lol

Blessed be,

~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

Moon Phases
& Sign

didn't do for this newsletter

Credit and

Llewellyn's Witches Calendar for all moon phases


Song Quotes:

"You gotta take some time,
And fight for the answers, they're hard to find don'tcha
Start makin' your chances materialize

Learn how to bend
Learn how to break
Learn how to mend
Broken heartaches
Learn to forgive
Learn how to wait
Learn how to live
before its too late"

Learn How To Live by Billy Squire

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