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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

May 31, 2009
Define "wicked".....


Manistique in da moonlight

When the moon was dark on May 24, I was enjoying the wonder of the stars that shone more brightly without the glow of the moon. In front of a crackling fire. In the clean fresh air of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Surrounded by trees and nature. Listening to the call of the whip-poor-will. What a wonderful place to be. It is amazing to see the night sky without all the light pollution. Who needs sleep on a clear night when the Big Dipper is right above you. There were bugs the first night, which was annoying, but after that it was too cold for them.

We stayed at a little cabin by Thunder Lake in Manistique, which is located in the Hiawatha National Forest. During the day we drove north to the Ishpeming and Michigamme areas in search of old mine sites. We found beautiful stones of crystal and hematite, and other rocks that are found in Michigan. I even found a “black diamond”, at least what we think is one, positive ID has not yet been made. On the drive back we stopped at a boat launch on Lake Superior where I found a fossil.

We saw the Mt. Shasta restaurant where the movie "Anatomy of a Murder" was filmed. This year is the 50th anniversary of that movie and some events are planned. If you are a fan of that movie or of movie sites, you may want to visit there, go to for a list of planned events. Side note: my mother's grandparents were friends with the man who plays the judge in the movie, and he was an actual judge!

All in all it was a great relaxing weekend. One I didn’t think I could afford until the Powers That Be stepped in and provided me with the means to go. Thank you to all the people who were so generous at the Gibraltar Holistic show, I hope you are enjoying the purchases you made from me. I sent a request for the money through a spell, a request that was fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams. I thank the Powers That Be for answering my request. And I’ll share this spell at the bottom of this newsletter.

I Lost an Aunt and Gained a Cat

On the drive home we received news of the death of my aunt. This was one of those cases where moving on to the next world was the best thing for her. She did not have a good quality of life and her mental problems made it hard for those of us who tried to help her. I was one of those who tried. I had, in fact, given up a few months ago. While I am sad at her passing, I am also relieved.

Have you ever tried to care for someone who could not care for themselves? Have you ever had this person undo hours of work on their behalf with a single phone call? Have you had this person fight you and distrust you when you are trying to help them keep their house? I have. If anyone else you know is going through this kind of thing.....give them a hug and all your support. If you yourself are going through this....give yourself a hug and take a break from it, even if only for a day. Trying to help someone who needs it is hard. I’m not talking about interfering with another’s affairs that can handle it. I’m talking about someone who cannot read or write and has the mind of a child. Someone who really needs the help but is unable to always see that you are doing the best for them. If you are doing this for another, rest assured that you are making a difference in their life. The rewards may be few but in the grand scheme of things, this person could not survive with your help. You can make a difference in their life. I know I did.

Without me my aunt would have lost her house and would have been put away somewhere. While assisted living would have made her quality of life better, she would not have been happy. All she wanted was to stay in her house. My uncle and I could see that she needed more help than we could give but .....all she wanted was to stay in the house. Her worst fear was to leave that house. So she didn’t. She died at the front door as the paramedics were assisting her to the ambulance. Now her spirit will always be in her home if she wants. She is much better off without the handicap of her weight, she is again with her mother, who she missed terribly. I’m sure she is happier now. I am happier knowing her spirit is finally free.

The only one not happier is her cat. Poor thing. My uncle, who is living in the house, said he would not take care of it. So two days after losing the only constant person in her life, the cat found herself being put in a carrier and drove to a strange house. She spent the first evening in the cat carrier, afraid to come out. I let her be and placed the water dish right by it so she wouldn’t have to venture out for water. In the morning I could tell she used the litter box (thankfully) but was now under the couch. When I got home from work she was still under the couch and remained there all evening. This morning she is still under the couch.

I am talking to her but do not want to scare her. Later today I will try to get her out from the couch with some treat like tuna (which my aunt used to give her). I am not sure I can keep this cat but didn’t want my uncle to take her to the humane society. I’m giving it some time to let her adjust. One problem is that the cat is not used to men and always hid from my uncle. If she cannot adjust to my boyfriend being here, then she will need a new home. Ideally some elderly single woman who is home a lot as the cat is used to constant human companionship. Children would be too much for her. She is an older cat, I think 10 years. Very sweet and quiet. If she comes out I’ll take a picture and put it on the website when I put this newsletter in the archive.

click to enlarge

Sandy with her new toy "gopher"

***I wrote this newsletter on friday morning (5-29). Many things happened this weekend to keep me from actually sending it. Cat update sunday evening (5-31): she came out from under the couch Friday night as I sat watching TV. She jumped on the couch and I petted her while she purred. She jumped down, then back up, then went behind the couch. She explored back there until my boyfriend came, then back under the couch where she has remained all weekend. Unfortunately things beyond my control kept me away from home most of the weekend. As far as I know she has not come out from under the couch except maybe at night or while I was gone. The food is untouched. She purrs when I talk to her and looks at me. I brought another of her toys from my aunt’s house and she looked interested but still wouldn’t come out. Hopefully I can get her to come out again tomorrow night.

Cat update monday afternoon (6-1): She came out last night after midnight and stayed out for a while. I could not get her to eat but she wanted both me and my boyfriend, Brian, to pet her. I guess it was just my uncle she didn’t like cuz she seemed ok with Brian. He didn’t want to scare the cat and wanted to let the cat get used to me first so all weekend he didn’t bother her. But on Sunday evening he peeked under the couch and talked to her, this was before she came out. Anyway, she explored more and seems to be OK She was out exploring after we went to bed too. She must be eating because she used the kitty litter again but honestly I couldn’t tell how much. I’m just glad she is coming out and exploring the house on her own and there is signs that she is eating and drinking. She is, of course, under the couch as I write this : )

Cat update 6-26: Sandy (my aunt named her) is doing good. She still prefers to stay in the living room but does occasionally sleep on a kitchen chair. She is very playful, preferring a piece of string to the store bought toys. She still disappears under the couch for a bit every day but 80% of the time she is out and about. She has gotten into a little mischief, see the Midsummer newsletter, but all in all she's a little sweetie.

A Simple Prosperity Envelope Spell

In Llewellyn’s 2009 Magical Almanac , in the chapter called Magic In Your Cupboard, I found the following prosperity spell: "To begin this spell for prosperity, you will need a plain sheet of white paper and a plain envelope. On the paper, write the amount of money you need - be sure it’s a reasonable amount. Over the paper, crumble a pinch each of these three money-attracting ingredients: mint, oatmeal, and wheat germ. Fold the paper like a letter and seal it in the envelope. Keep the envelope in a secret place or carry in your purse. When the spell has done its work, burn the envelope and contents in a heatproof dish or fireplace."

I thought "ok, I need some money to pay my rent this month" so I got a sheet of paper and an envelope. On the paper in green ink I wrote the amount of $500, which is the amount of my rent. I looked in my Magickal Herb Closet to decide what to use. I had dried peppermint leaves. I did not have any wheat germ and to me oatmeal didn’t seem right. I chose cinquefoil (five finger grass) and patchouli. I have always had more success with money spells when I include patchouli. I set the containers on the counter by the paper and envelope. I folded the paper to fit into the envelope then unfolded it and in the center added a pinch of each herb. I made up a spell on the spot as I added each. You can make up your own or use mine:

A pinch of peppermint to start the spell
Then cinquefoil to blend it well
Last I add patchouli leaf
To bring to me this relief

Ok, not my best work but it rhymes. I then folded the paper and put it in the envelope. I sealed the envelope then addressed it to "Me" from "The Goddess". I said "I thank the Goddess and the Powers That Be, in advance for this money sent to me" then put the envelope in my purse. That‘s it. No circle, no rising of power, just good old practical magick.

The next week my Michigan refund came. The amount was $542. Ok, my rent is paid. Next I got the notice that my Home Heating Credit went to my heating company, so now I won’t have gas bills through the summer and into the fall. Then I did the Gibraltar Holistic show. I did $310 in sales. Now I can go up north!

Now some could argue that the refund would have come anyways. Yes, but when? Would it have come before rent was due? And the Gibraltar sales wasn’t $500 but I still think the spell was working. In this economy I think it would be hard to make that much without Divine help. Alicia did not make that much at the same show and in the same spot. Altho I wish the wealth had spread, her prosperity was in the form of the spiritual people she met and the contacts she made. I too count that as part of the prosperity of the weekend.

While up north I placed the envelope in the fire and thanked the Goddess for answering my request. Now I know that if I find myself short on cash to pay my bills, I can request the help and it will come. The Goddess always provides.

Until next time,
~~~~Rhiannon Rose

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So on June 22 both the Sun and the New Moon will be in Cancer. Sounds like a personal power day for Cancer people and/or Cancer energies.



Credit and

Llewellyn's Witches Datebook for all moon phases

Llewellyn’s 2009 Magical Almanac

I was checking for the correct spelling of the whip-poor-will and found this: "Nocturnal legendary bird of bad luck. H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King often used the appearance of Whippoorwills as harbinger of death to come in there horror novels." Source.

Might be some truth to this as we heard this bird the last two nights we were up north, and my aunt died the day we drove back. (imagine the Twilight Zone theme playing.....)


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