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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

June 22, 2010 - Midsummer
Define "wicked".....


Ode to a Tree

My house is a little brighter today and not just because it is summer. Yesterday the neighbor had a maple tree cut down that shaded almost my entire house. In case you are imagining a gigantic tree let me explain that I live in a mobile home park. There are larger trees in the woods behind me so it was an average sized tree. (I’m not quite trailer trash tho I do enjoy a good Nascar race and only occasionally wear heels with cut offs (a’la Daisy Duke) but no porch couch!). The branches of the tree actually extended the entire width of my roof, providing shade and lowering my cooling bills. But the neighbor’s mom was complaining about the roots that stuck up above the ground in his yard and yes, they were a tripping hazard to her when she visited. The huge roots are under both of our trailers....I mean mobile homes.....which are on pillars and not cement slabs so they really were not doing any damage. It was a pain to keep the tree trimmed so the branches didn’t actually sit on my roof, my boyfriend said this was a bad thing for some roof-maintenance reason. And I did worry about a larger branch falling on my house and causing some damage.

But she wanted it gone so yesterday with a lot of noise that had Sandy hiding most of the day, down it went. I was gone for most of it. They cut the branches off first until there was just the center of the tree left. I came home just as they cut that halfway down and with the use of ropes, guided it to fall between our homes. Then he cut the trunk in chunks until there is just a stump left. Next week they will remove the stump and roots.

So goodbye to the majestic old tree that saw me move in to my house 13 years ago. It was loved by the neighbors who lived there when I moved in, an older couple with a dog. The tree was there for her as she lost the dog and husband. She moved a few years ago to be replaced by the most annoying neighbor ever....well not ever but still annoying. When he is not home, and that is quite often, his dog barks constantly. While the tree had no opinion on this, I am quite annoyed. The tree often made its presence known by dropping a branch on my roof, never one so big to cause damage, just a friendly “hey, wake up in there”. It kept the sun from being too bright in the mornings while I slowly woke up to the new day.

Now when I am on my porch, it is weird to look up and see sky instead of a canopy of branches. Its too open, too empty. There are no shadows moving softly over my east facing windows, just steady bright light. I feel as if a comforting, protective presence is missing from my home. And I’m really going to miss the occasional sounds of squirrels jumping off the tree onto my roof and chasing each other all around up there.

Update: Now I'm really upset....the day they cut down the tree, my neighbor went into the hospital. He is bi-polar and it seems he either had an episode or something because he was confused and looked like he'd been beat up (according to the person that found him). He is too ill to return home so they are putting the place up for sale. That's right, they forced the park to chop down a perfectly healthy tree and now they are not even going to live there!


We will be at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens this weekend, June 25, 26, & 27 . This is the last Holistic show we will be at until September, so please come on out and visit us. I am planning to have some new jewelry and pendulums at the show for sale. I am also labeling some awesome quartz crystal points to get them ready for the show. In the process I am learning about what each feature on a quartz point means and how to ID them. These quartz points are from Arkansas and will only be available at shows.
**The show was so fun I didn't want it to end. Thank you to everyone who came by to see us.

I plan on putting a page on Infinite Flame’s site with the properties of the stones I sell at shows. If you have purchased tumbled stones at a store like Earth Lore or from some vendors, you may have gotten a small card with the properties on it. This actually adds to the price of the stones as ink and paper are not free. I prefer to keep the price of the stone lower and save some paper and thus some trees. There are several books and online sources already out there to find out the properties of stones, I am adding this list to our site for convenience to customers and save some trees.

Infinite Flame is now on FaceBook! Yeah, yeah, so is almost everyone else on the planet. I joined FaceBook earlier this year to figure it out. I figured out that for most it is just a huge waste of time. There are silly farms, zoos, and "gifts" you can send to friends. I won’t put down the quizzes, they are fun to take. You can find out which Goddess you are, what element you relate to, which Wizard of Oz character are you (I was the Wicked Witch, my boyfriend was Dorothy!! hmmm....might be a key to our relationship hee hee) even what your stripper name would be.

It really is a great way to keep up with those you don’t see very often. I have "friended" several people from the Gibraltar shows and its a great way to keep in touch without adding to your already packed email inbox. You can tell several people at once about what shows are coming up (ok, that is specific to us vendors), exchange ideas, family events, and even what song is going through your head. You can link to an interesting article you found online to inform others or to alert them to a cause or issue that is dear to your heart. And you can link to your favorite LOL Cat pic to share a laugh.

Business-wise, it is very useful. If you like a business...say Earth Lore, Sacred Sage, or us can "like" them (this used to be called becoming a "fan" but for some unknown reason FaceBook decided "like" is a better term) and find out about new products, sales, and all about the people who run the business. There are famous people who keep pages too. I "like" Jessica Galbreth, D. J. Conway and Silver Ravenwolf. Seriously, think about it, you are actually communicating with your favorite author or artist. You can ask them questions or just tell them how much you enjoy their work. Awesome.

So join us on FaceBook and be the first to hear about new products, shows, and we will have specials offered only to FaceBook fans in the future. Just don’t send us any "hugs" or ask us to help you with your "farm" : )
I am trying to link the site to FaceBook but they don’t make it easy. I’m not holding up this newsletter any longer so please search for us when you are on FaceBook and I’ll get the link on the website asap.

Midsummer Incense

This started out as being the Dark Moon Newsletter for June 12. I didn’t actually start writing it until after the dark moon as I did not have any inspiration or time before that. Then I was unable to finish this last Friday, which is the actual day I wrote the Ode to a Tree part. The tree was cut down on Thursday June, 17. So since today is Midsummer, I thought "why not combine them?" So........

I will mention once again that Midsummer marks the anniversary of this newsletter, my first one being sent on Midsummer in 2008 . Being born under the sign of Leo and relating to the element of Fire, the holiday that celebrates the Sun is the one that I find affects me most. I love the heat and how green everything is at this time of year. This is the time when I feel I can recharge my batteries, drawing on the power of the Sun. Ideas and inspiration come easy to me on this day. I feel that by starting these newsletters at this time of year is what has helped me to be able to continue to do them. They are blessed with Sun energy and from that I can draw the inspiration to write them.

Here’s a little story about the energies of Midsummer sending me inspiration. I happened to be home on Midsummer on few years ago and was doing dishes when I looked out my kitchen window and noticed some daisies growing in the empty lot next to me. I was drawn to them and decided to go out and pick some. I had planned to be outside exactly at noon so I waited until about 5-to and went out to enjoy the Sun at its highest point. While basking in the warm sunlight, I remembered the daisies and picked 8 of them. When I went back into the house I put them in water. A little while later I was looking through a new book I had, Midsummer by Anna Franklin, for inspiration for our ritual and I came across a section on daisies in the Herb Craft chapter. It said " Daisies picked between noon and one o’clock on Midsummer day have special magical properties. They bring success in any venture when they are dried and carried." Hey, I picked mine between noon a nd one o’clock! I was planning to use them in our ritual but not now. I took them out of the water and put each one in a folded piece of wax paper. I then put all 8 daisies in the pages of a big old bible* I had to press them. Then the next year at Midsummer they were empowered with a prosperity spell. I kept one and gave the other 7 away. The weird thing is that I have not seen daisies growing in the lot since that Midsummer. I even checked before I wrote this daisies.

*Why does a witch have a bible? Because this was way too cool to pass up. Not a true bible, it is "Contrasted Editions of the New Testament being the Old and New Versions Arranged in Parallel Columns". It is from 1881. The real leather cover is tooled beautifully, but the spine is falling apart. It was in a box of books from my Grandmother’s second husband. Each page is divided to show the old translation and new side-by-side. I thought it interesting mainly because it shows how each translation changes the bible a little, so what a person reads today is not a true translation but the result of many different people translating and interpreting. Something I like to point out to those bible-quoting Christians.

Ok, back to Midsummer. Last year I wrote about creating a blend to throw on your Midsummer bonfire and how I could not find where I had written it down. I found it. So now I would like to share with you the incense blends I created. You can look back at my Midsummer 2008 Newsletter for a list of herbs associated with Midsummer but as always, that is a guide. I created these based on the supplies I have on hand, so don’t feel you have to go out and buy something. If there is some herb that you feel should be in your blend then add it. Please remember to always check on the toxicity of any herbs you burn, especially if indoors. We do not burn these incenses when indoors, only when we have a outside fire.

I start with a base of 1 tablespoon frankincense resin and 1 heaping teaspoon of mugwort herb for each blend.

Fairy Blend: 2 teaspoons lavender flowers, 1/2 teaspoon thyme (don’t use more or it will over power the other herbs), and 1 tablespoon elderflowers

Fire Blend: 1/2 teaspoon basil, 1 decent sized chunk of dragon’s blood or about 1 tablespoon powder, and 1-2 teaspoons brimstone (adding more will create a burst of flames so be careful when putting this blend in the fire if you increase brimstone)

Sun Blend: 1 teaspoon chamomile flowers, 2 teaspoons dried rose petals, and 1 stick cinnamon

I mixed the ingredients while concentrating on the subject of the blend and then put them in a tea bag (see below). I threw the Fire Blend in at the opening of the ritual. The Fairy Blend was thrown in to call the fairies to us so we could communicate with them. The Sun Blend was thrown in when we honored the Sun God.

I have some large tea bags from the Atlantic Spice Co. that I put these blends in. These tea bags are sealed on three sides and then once you have added your herbs, you iron the fourth side to seal it. Or you can staple it. If you plan ahead, you can get some of these tea bags before you create your blend. If not, you have several options. You can blend them in separate jars and then toss or dump the herbs in the fire (depending on how much you want to use). You can find some type of natural material bags to put the blends in that you can burn (no plastic bags!). Be creative, look for something you or someone else in your group has that can be used, as long as it is safe to burn.

Happy Midsummer!
~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

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Moon Phases
& Sign

Dark in Gemini:
June 12 - 7:15am

1st Quarter in Virgo:
June 19 - 12:30am

Midsummer June 21
Sun enters Cancer at 7:28am

Full in Capricorn:
June 26 - 7:30am
also Lunar eclipse 7:38am

Last Quarter in Aries:
July 4 - 10:35am

Dark Moon in Cancer:
July 11 - 3:40pm
also Solar Eclipse 3:33pm

Midsummer Symbols:

  • Sun wheels
  • Fire
  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Herbs
  • Holy wells
  • Torches
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • All colors of Sun and flame

Midsummer Energies:

  • Power
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Love
  • Divination
  • God energy
  • Healing
  • Strength


Credit and

Llewellyn's Witches Datebook for all moon phases

Midsummer, Magical Celebrations of the Summer Solstice by Anna Franklin

Once again thanks to Storm for the herbs and tea bags...Miss You!!

I want to thank Lee Gaston for the quartz crystals. I have meet him a few times at shows and he always has the coolest stones and crystals. This time I saw him at Your Spiritness back in May. He let me take stones with the promise to send him a check as he didn’t want to take a credit card, I sent the check as soon as I had the money. Seriously, I have only seen this guy a few times at shows, he doesn’t know how honest I am. If you are at a show checking out stones and crystals and see a tall older man fliriting with all the ladies, that is probably him : )

Song Quote:

"Sick of this life

Not that you'd care

I'm not the only one with

Whom these feelings I share

Nobody understands

Quite why we're here

We're searching for answers

That never appear

But maybe if I looked real hard I'd

I'd see you're tryin' too

To understand this life

That we're all going through"

From the song Dead Horse, written by Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses
Use Your Illusion I

Just something going through my head.......


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