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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

July 15, 2010
Define "wicked".....


Vacation Time

This issue will be kinda short as I am crazy busy getting ready for a vacation. Alicia and I along with my sister and another friend are going to spend a fabulous week in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. A girls boyfriends, no TV (by choice), no computers (how will I survive??? )....just us and nature. In a cabin of course, let’s not get too carried away. I like my plumbing indoors, thank you. I’ve done the camping thing, I’m over it.

We are going to the Keewenaw Peninsula area, specifically staying in Toivola near Twin Lakes. We are a little south of Houghton and Hancock. We stayed at this same cabin two years ago. It is secluded enough that there are no neighbors in sight but still close to the highway for safety. And no bright outdoor lights so we should get a good view of the night sky while we sit by our campfire.

Our days will consist mainly of visiting sites related to the copper mining that took place up there in the 1800’s. We’ll go to mine rock piles to look for treasures of raw copper, green stone, black garnets, pyrite, and other minerals found in Michigan. Last time we visited the Delaware Mine and took the tour, we plan to visit there again. We didn’t make it to the Adventure Mine last time and we plan to this year. We’ll go to Copper Harbor for shopping, museums, and agate hunting. Last time we took a boat ride to a lighthouse which was really fun.

At the mines that have tours, I usually opt out. When I was younger my family visited some caves and mines that had tours so I’ve had the underground experience. I really have no desire to go down to the dark damp tunnels to get the mining experience. I’ll stay above ground and check out the gift shops, they are much brighter and rarely are damp.

At night we’ll have a fire and eat my sister’s delicious healthy cooking. It’s great having a chef in the group when on vacation. She’s happy to cook as long as we take care of the dishes afterward. We may do some spiritual stuff too but last time we got back to the cabin so late and were so tired from the day’s events that we never did get around to the rituals we had planned.

Oils for Travel

When I am to be one of the drivers, I’m always sure to bring some peppermint oil . Peppermint helps wake you up and keeps you alert. Of course, when you are driving it is not a good idea to be opening a bottle which requires two hands, at least one should be on the wheel! If you have a car diffuser you can add the drops to that, provided everyone in the car likes the smell. Another way is to put a drop or two on a tissue and keep it on you to occasionally sniff, or put a drop on your shirt so the scent rises up. Do not put peppermint directly on the skin without a carrier oil, it is an irritant. Don’t have the oil? Mint gum or a mint candy will do the trick too.

What if you are not driving and that makes you nervous? I’d reach for lavender to relax and calm the nerves. It can help you sleep also to make the trip go quicker. Try not to fill the car with this one, don’t want the driver to relax too much! If you have a travel pillow, put a few drops on that, or a few drops on the seat about head level (if the owner of the car doesn’t mind). Got a nervous passenger? Pass them the bottle. Lavender can be used on the skin without a carrier, suggest they put a drop on a wrist or behind ears.

Once there, you might want to freshen up the room you are staying in. See my October 2009 newsletter for cleansing incense you might want to bring with you, or scented candles. A sage bundle can get rid of any weird energy, or use my personal favorite...dragon’s blood, which takes the energy down to zero so you can fill the room with your good energy. These also get rid of any funky smells that are present when you get there.

For your first aid kit, I’d recommend lavender or tea tree, or both. They are anti-just-about-everything when it comes to bacteria and germs. Both can be applied right to a cut or wound or bug bite. The small bottles are easy to carry for any emergency.

Don’t forget my bug spray recipe from the July 2008 newsletter . Especially when visiting anywhere in Michigan were the bugs are hungry and out in force. You can make an anit-itch blend in case you do get bit by blending peppermint with either tea tree or lavender, equal amounts, and putting it in a roller bottle. Just apply to the bite and not only will the itch go away (peppermint) but you’ll kill any germs (tea tree or lavender) the little bugger left too. (since the peppermint, a skin irritant, is mixed with a safe oil in this blend, it can be applied to the skin with no carrier unless you are sensitive to mints)

In an area with tons of bugs? Get some unscented skin lotion and add some of the bug spray blend to it. Use it after your shower and the oils will stay on your skin making you taste bad when the mosquitoes and others come to call.

I’ve had the idea in my head to make smelling salts, a more convenient way to bring aromatherapy with you when you travel. Earlier today I put some sea salt in a couple of small bottles I had. To one I added peppermint oil to keep me alert and to another I added eucalyptus and lime to help if my allergies kick in. I will bring these with me as testers and if all works well (they keep their scent ) I may just add these to the products I sell at shows. Of course, you could make your own. I’ll give amounts in a future newsletter after they have been tested.


"So little to do and so much time.....wait....reverse that ." I think I got the quote right, know what movie that line is from? It just popped into my head. Anyway, that’s about all I have time for right now. One more day to pack and finish up the hundred little chores that need to be done before I go. My boyfriend will be staying here to take care of Sandy and hopefully fix a few things for me. I’m leaving some notes so the diva kitty won’t be put out too much by the temporary help messing up her routine. Ah, to be a cat....but then I couldn’t go on vacation and visit the mines...unless I was a cat named Sneakers...... (click the link and that will make sense).

I did manage to get the properties of stones A-L that I sell at shows on the website. The grammar may be off and so is the punctuation. I’ll complete it and fix the errors after I get back. I took pictures of the stones too, those will have to wait also until I get back.

Love, Luck and Rocks!
~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

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