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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

July 8, 2014
Define "wicked".....


Hello Again

Long time, no newsletter. My last one was in June 2011. A lot has changed since then. I have often in the last year or so thought to start the newsletters up again but I just let it go. Now, thanks to a back problem, I have the time to write again. Several people have told me how much they liked my writing and encouraged me to start again. I finally listened.

I have spent the last two days re-reading my newsletters as I update the website. I am a little afraid that I won't be as good, as I was in a very different state of mind then. I will do my best to keep them informative and fun.

This one is just a "hello again" and to see how many addresses on my list are still active. I will create a full newsletter by the next dark moon


For those that don't know me, the reason I stopped writing is because I suffered a devastating loss. My boyfriend of 18 years, Brian, decided he couldn't take life any longer and committed suicide on August 30, 2011. That day was also my dad's 70th B-day.

To me the worst thing ever imaginable is two people in love and one of them dies. And then it happened to me. It took me months to get anywhere close to feeling normal again. My family was great and supportive. And I survived. My next newsletter will feature how I got through it, and how to help yourself or someone you know through it.

The surprising thing is that less than a year from that date, I had a new person in my life. I resisted at first. Its too soon. But our paths kept crossing and after a few strong signs from the Goddess, I gave in and started a new relationship. He brought music back into my life. I thought I was doing ok but I wasn't. He showed me how to enjoy life again. He is one of the people who encouraged me to start writing again. And he grills ribs to perfection!

My sister, who you might remember almost died in March of 2011, is doing great. She has fully recovered and her business is thriving. She now has her delicious food available for purchase in a few health food stores in the area.

I am still housecleaning but at a reduced schedule now as I did something to my back at a one day show in May. I am seeing a chiropractor and there is improvement but my housecleaning days are numbered. So I am updating my websites and those of my clients. Looking for new clients too so if you need a website or know someone who does, please let them know about me.

Oh yeah, I also had to declare bankruptcy. I was thinking about this before Brian died, and even told him about it. He had lots of money and could have paid my debt easily. But he assured me I was taken care of. Well, I wasn't. I got squat. Then the credit card companies started playing games with my credit even though I was never late and add to that the loss of the help I had from Brian....led me to no other option. I had to include Enchanted Moon Web Design as I had a business credit card. So I still do web work, just not under that name

Infinite Flame Magickal Gel Candles Half Off

Even before all the above happened, things were not going smoothly at Infinite Flame. It got harder for Alicia and I to get together to make candles and she seemed to lose interest in it all together. She didn't even ask about show sales when I did them. Then after my sister's surgery and Brian's death, I wasn't up to making candles. I still did shows (thank you to everyone who was so supportive). After another year of no interest from her, Infinite Flame became my company. Soooo.....all Infinite Flame Magickal Gel Candles are now half off!. All $12 candles are now $6. The Samhain/Halloween candle was $13, now $6.50. The Seasons and Holiday sets are $20 each. While supply lasts.

I will be at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt Clemens again July 18, 19, and 20. Our Holistic Show is with the Garage Sale so we will be on one side of the show area. I am informed that that there will be no divide between the shows so you'll just have to look for me there. There should be signs directing to which door is best to enter through. I will have the candles there and I sold quite a few at the last show. Order yours through the site before then to be sure you get them. If you are in the area, you can place the order and then pick them up at the show and I will refund the shipping cost. Just send me an email so I don't ship them out.

I have been working on the Jewelry section and will update the Pendulum section after the show. I am hoping to make more jewelry by the show dates.

My line of soaps are now online too. I finally got the website up and running. Visit to check them out. The shopping cart is the same as Infinite Flame so orders from both sites are combined into one order to save shipping costs.

~~~~Rhiannon Rose @--^--

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In Leo...hmmm...guess it is a good time to start again for a Lioness like me.

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