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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

July 2, 2008
Define "wicked"...


July comes in with a bang...and a flash of light! The skies got so dark before the storm hit that it seemed like night had fallen early. Once again, Mother Nature shows us that she is the best when it comes to light shows!

At 10:18 pm, EST, we welcomed a dark moon in Cancer. When this moon becomes full on July 18th at 3:59 am, EST, I will be enjoying the beauty of Michigan's U.P. My sister, a friend, and I will be dancing naked around a bonfire under the stars in the Keweenaw Peninsula, weather permitting, of course. (actually we won't be naked, but that got your attention!)

Anyway, part of my prepping for a vacation is making up a new batch of my insect repellent. I don't like using the chemical commercial products so I make my own with essential oils.

Oils that won't bug you

There are many oils that keep bugs from bugging you. Of course citronella, and many know the benefits of lemongrass for keeping those pesky mosquitoes away. Some are surprised to hear that lavender actually keeps bugs at bay. If you get a good quality cedarwood oil that too will work great.

Two of my favorite oils, peppermint and patchouli, keep those annoying no-see-ems out of sight. All of the above oils also keep biting flies away.

And speaking of the U.P., there are a couple of oils that are supposed to keep ticks away too. They are lavender and rose geranium (some sources just say geranium). I have been putting lavender in my blend for two years now and have not seen a tick even after gathering firewood in the woods. I have not tried geranium in the blend yet but might this year. I have also heard that rosemary keeps ticks away but haven't tried it so I can't confirm.

My bug repellent is a work in progress. As I find more information and acquire new oils, I'm bound to experiment. Below is my first blend which I had much success with. The next year I added citronella and reduced the lemongrass. They smell so much alike and do the same thing basically, so I would recommend using whichever you have or prefer.

Bug Away Blend

Here is the first bug spray I created for a trip up north. We went Memorial Day Weekend and on this trip we went to the Pictured Rocks. Anyone who has been to the Lake Superior shoreline knows about the black flies, they are nasty and there seems to be hundreds of them. My friend and I used my spray before we got to the area that was known for black flies. When we got there, the flies did land on us, but they didn't stay long and neither one of us got bit. My sister hadn't put on the spray, but she did once she saw the results!

16 drops lemongrass
8 drops each: lavender, peppermint, tea tree
6 drops patchouli
Add the oils to 4 ounces of either witch hazel or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Shake well before spraying. If you can, use a dark spray bottle (brown, blue, green). Also, the oils can react with plastic so if you use a plastic spray bottle, don't store for a long period of time in it.

Have an enjoyable and pest-free July!
~~~~~ Laura

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July Moon Phases

July 2 10:18pm

1st Quarter:
July 10 12:35am

July 18 3:59am

Last Quarter:
July 25 2:41pm


Credit where
credit is due

One of my resources is , I highly recommend visiting their site for information on essential oils and their uses. I order from them often and have never been disappointed with my purchases. They offer a newsletter that features recipes and uses...for...oils...
nevermind : )

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