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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

August 30, 2008
Define "wicked".....


Those that pay attention to such things may have noticed that I did not send out a newsletter last dark moon. My apologies. I had planned to talk about our trip to the Keweenaw Peninsula (which was awesome) and then send a Lughnasadh special. Well, the dark moon and Lughnasadh fell on the same day. The night before this day I was leading our holiday ritual, which I spent the day before that planning. The two days after the holiday I spent at Gibraltar Trade Center doing a show. Excuses? No, just reminding myself to plan better next time, and maybe, just maybe, write something ahead of time (like that's gonna happen!) I just looked ahead and the next dark moon occurs the Monday after I am doing another weekend at Gibraltar and Mercury is retrograding the Wednesday before that!

In brief, the Keweenaw area is gorgeous, we saw a bear cross the road, visited historic Calumet, saw several abandoned mines, toured the Delaware Mine (I found copper in the rock piles there!), took a boat ride to a lighthouse in Copper Harbor, drove along Brokeback....I mean Brockway Mountain Drive, went through the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum, and came back with a ton of rocks! We didn't even see all we wanted to see. I highly recommend this area for vacationing, especially if you are a rock hound.

A Little Venting....

I have something to say about commitment. I am talking to all you vendors at shows. If you have set aside a date, priced and packed, loaded, drove, unloaded and set up....after going through all this.....why would you then pack back up and go home before the show is over? First, you most likely filled out a form that stated, some in all caps and bold, that you had to commit to the entire time and could not start dismantling your space until the show's ending time. Second, this is very unfair to those of us vendors that are willing to stay to the end and to the customers who arrive at the show later in the day.

I don't care if you haven't made table, how are you going to make anything if you pack and leave? I have been at shows where I made several sales in the last 2 hours. Not lately. The last few shows I have participated in have resulted in someone deciding they weren't making enough money so they start packing. Then someone else thinks "If they are leaving early, so am I" and then it snowballs.

I know it is disappointing when you aren't selling as much as you thought you would. I know the wind goes out of your sails as people trickle in instead of crowds beating down the doors. But you made a commitment. Make the most of it. Talk to other vendors. Make some new friends (or enemies). Vendor to vendor sales are sometimes what saves a show's profit. Bring a book, make more product, learn to knit, I don't care....just stick it out.

Case in point, we did the Yoga for Peace a couple of years ago. This is an outside event, it was a beautiful day except for one gust of wind that blew down some tents. There was a group mediation for peace towards the end of the event and the vendors who did not participate started packing up. We did not and were rewarded when the group finished the meditation and walked right past our booth to a field where they were forming a giant peace sign. As they walked by, I sold 3 bars of soap and my sister sold 4 cans of soda. After the peace sign, the crowd that walked by bought more from us. This was actually 10 minutes after the scheduled end of the event. More than half of the vendors were already packed up and lost those last minute sales.

Another example, this past weekend my sister Val and my friend Alicia went to a rock show up in Clio. The show was scheduled for 9 - 5 and they got there at 3. There were three cars in the parking lot, that’s it. They pulled up to one of the cars where someone was loading up and asked what was going on. This person told them that due to low turn out, some had started packing it up at noon. Well, this person who waiting until the last minute to leave got something ....Val and Alicia’s business. He allowed them to look in some boxes and both of them made purchases. How many other late-to-the-show customers did these vendors miss?

Not everyone is an early bird. Some people will come 2 hours before a show ends, especially if there is no entrance fee. People are busy or have to drive a distance to get there. Even if attendance is low, you still made a commitment to be there. there!

Please pass this along to any person you may know that is crazy enough to be vending at shows even with Michigan’s bad economy, thank you.

Oils for Wealth and Prosperity

Now that I’ve vented, here is some helpful advice about oils for prosperity. The following oils are associated with wealth and/or prosperity:

Cinnamon - very strong, if blending use only one drop, may irritate skin

Patchouli - hmmm, I don’t remember hearing about any rich hippies....

Pine - any type of fir tree: balsam, spruce, even cypress

Cinquefoil (Five Finger Grass) - this one is hard to find in an oil

Clove - brings fast results, may irritate skin

Basil - also lifts your spirits, good for those who become discouraged easily

Bergamot & Bergamot Mint - uplifts body and soul, very refreshing scent

Jasmine - brings happiness too, true jasmine oil is expensive

Cedar, Cedarwood - for manifestation and brings success

You can use these oils in any combination that smells good to you or just use one single scent. If you choose to anoint yourself (please, I don’t want to know where), be sure to mix the oils with a carrier oil such as almond, grapeseed or jojoba. You could put a drop on a business card while visualizing your bank account grow, sprinkle some in your cash box, anoint your flyers, whatever seems right to you. For a show, I usually use my money blend as a perfume. Of course, whenever possible we burn our Wealth and Prosperity candle at shows too. I made soap for myself using the oils in our candle and now sell it as Prosperity Soap.

Here’s a trick to scent your flyers with your prosperity blend. Put several drops of your blend, or just one oil if you prefer, on one of your business cards or on a cotton ball or two. Let it sit out about an hour to dry. Place in whatever you have your flyers in, I use those clear plastic envelopes but this works even if you have them in printer’s boxes. Be sure whatever your flyers are in is closed tightly. Leave for at least a week or until the next show. Your flyers should now have a nice scent to them. One caution: even the scent of some oils will discolor paper. Our cards for the White Magic candle are now beigey-brown due to this scenting method. I suspect its the clove, but this blend also includes cinnamon, orange and ginger. Perhaps experiment with a small group of old flyers to be sure no discoloration occurs.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I hope these oils bring you prosperity in whatever form you wish for.

~~~ Laura

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Credit where
credit is due

References for this issue are:

Magical Oils by Moonlight by Maya Heath, very good book, I highly recommend it

Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham

My oils are from many sources, including Earth Lore in Livonia and Plymouth, Better Health in Novi, a wonderful health food store in Brighton who's name escapes me, and online

My essential oil collection greatly increased thanks the generosity of a wonderful person who recently downsized. Thank you, Storm, for your oils and for letting me steal some recipes : )

None of the above businesses paid to be mentioned. I just want to help those businesses that have gone above and beyond to help me.

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