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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

June 20, 2008
Define "wicked"...


Welcome to all the new subscribers from Avalon Faire's list. This Newsletter will be sent on the New Moon each month, with special issues for each of the spokes on the Wheel of the Year. There may also be some issues sent out with announcements of upcoming fairs or festivals that I will be attending.

Ok, enough of that, on to some fun stuff.....

Summer Solstice or Midsummer

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. Midsummer can refer to the solstice or a specific date such as June 24. Either way, its time to light the bonfire and celebrate!

This is truly a magickal time of the year. Do not doubt that the fairies are out and about, I have a little story that proves that. Two years ago on the Summer Solstice, my friend and I went into my yard to gather some flowers for our ritual. It was a hot day with no wind. After picking the flowers, we went to walk back in and there on my porch was a gift from the fairies. When we walked out the porch was bare but now there was one branch from a tree. It was the perfect size for a wand and had three leaves still attached to it. I had been wondering what to cast the circle with since my usual tool is an athame and fairies hate metal (we won't go into the whole "you don't need any tool" lecture right now, thank you, I know). The fairies gave me the answer and I used that wand. We had the most wonderful ritual that year. And, of course, left a thank you for the fairies.

You can plan your ritual but be open for any messages that come the day of the holiday. I actually get my best inspiration the day of, which sometimes makes it hard to plan ahead. This year we had hoped to have an outside ritual with a fire but it looks like Mother Nature has other ideas. Always have a back up plan, or wait until the day of (like me) so you know what the weather will be.

Whether you celebrate outside with a bonfire or inside with Infinite Flame's Midsummer Candle (cheap plug), take time to enjoy the longest day of the year and the warmth of the sun.

Midsummer Incense

Most would use this space to give you a recipe for Midsummer incense, but not me. I like to encourage people to create their own unique blends, and also I have not yet created my Midsummer blend (see section above : )

According to my sources, the traditional herbs used at Midsummer include:

bay leaves (invoke Sun Gods & Goddesses)

chamomile ( sacred to the Sun God)

cinnamon (fire, sun)

dill (traditionally cast on a bonfire)

elder blossoms (for fairies)

fennel (traditionally cast on a bonfire)

frankincense (Sun Gods & Moon Goddesses, and smells great in a fire)

lavender flowers (fairies)

rose (Sun Goddesses)

rosemary (sun, fire, fairies)

thyme (fairies, empowering).

Midsummer was also called Night of the Vervain and this was the day that vervain was gathered for the coming year. Any left from the previous year was cast on the bonfire.

I would encourage you to use this info and any other that you find as a starting point. Add to the traditional herbs any herbs that you feel are connected to the energies of this time of year. Personally, I would add some dragon's blood as dragons symbolize most of the energies of this time of year and.....I like the smell of it.

If you do not have herbs to make your own, there are plenty of incense to choose from at your local new age store. Who knows, I may even sell my blend next year....

Happy Solstice! ~~~~ Laura

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