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Magickal Musings From Infinite Flame

Midsummer 2009
Define "wicked"...

Happy Birthday Dear Newsletter......

This newsletter marks one year since I started sending out these newsletters. Yes, I know I have missed a few holidays and new moons in there but year and ummm, 2 days : ) So, how do you like them? Feel free to let me know what you think, especially if you enjoy reading them, or even if you don’t. I really do enjoy writing these and hope to be better at sending them on time. And I thank each and every one of you subscribers for listening to my thoughts, ideas, rants and musings ; )

Kitty update (last one, I swear!): Sandy is doing great now. She still prefers to sleep under the couch but now she is out and about when I am home, especially at night! She is not the sweet angel I thought she was. When we celebrated Midsummer this year we had to be inside because of the storms. I created a fairy ring out of rose petals surrounded by some fairy statues and crystals (see pic below). So it would not be disturbed by the kitty or walked over, I created it on my hutch. I placed a small glass of wine in the center for the fairies to drink. I left it overnight and in the morning wanted to show it to my boyfriend. What a surprise when only a few petals remained! They had disappeared. Nothing around the missing ring of petals was disturbed, the wine glass was still there along with the crystals and statues. My boyfriend was even beginning to believe the fairies took them when later that night we witnessed sweet little Sandy jump up there and without disturbing anything, started eating the remaining rose petals! I could not believe she could get up there without knocking something down. So now I have to watch her to keep her from jumping up there and breaking a fairy while looking for more rose petals!

I'm Scrying in the Rain.......

The topic for this newsletter came very easy, what to do when your Midsuumer is rained out as ours was. We decided to celebrate Friday night as that was the only night we were sure everyone could be there. Oh, and by the way, how fabulous was it that Midsummer fell on Father’s Day this year.....what better way to celebrate the masculine energies of the day then by honoring your father or the father figure in your life.

Anyway, so there I was, waiting until the news at noon on Friday in the hopes that the weather report would change before deciding that we had to be indoors. Of course, since I had the whole outdoor ritual planned. Now I had to come up with something to do inside that would capture the spirit of a bonfire on Midsummer’s Eve. Being that this is also considered a water holiday (and since Mother Nature was providing some great storm water) I decided to have us try scrying in water after the ritual.

I should explain, as I don’t think I have before, that at each of our holiday celebrations we try a different form of divination. Different as in not the same as the last holiday, we do repeat some. We have scryed in water before but I will give you this advice: do it right after the ritual, don’t wait until you have had time to relax and/or wait for it to get full on dark. Since it was really storming when our ritual ended, lightning and thunder and pouring rain, we had a snack and visited a bit before I got the bowl of rain water. The problem then was that I had a song from the movie Labyrinth going through my head that I could not clear out, we had been discussing the movie since we had just seen it last weekend. The others had songs in their heads too. We were unsuccessful in clearing our minds and only one of us got a message. I think Midsummer is too playful for such serious divination too, with all that fairy energy floating about. Oh well, live and learn.

So to incorporate a "bonfire" inside, use candles. I have a thick tall one that is orangy-yellow (for the sun) and of course, our Midsummer gel candle was our fire candle on the altar. Alicia found some daisies for the altar and we all wore daisy jewelry that I recently inherited from my grandmother. At one part of our ritual I gave everyone a tiger eye stone so that was on there too. My yellow cloth is not quite big enough to cover the table so under it I had a dragon tapestry that is red tie dyed to look like fire. I had a small cup of rose petals for each one of us which we scattered around when we called on the fairies to join us at the end.

And as I mentioned above, I created a fairy ring so the fairies would have a way to come in and join us. You can make a fairy ring out of any natural material you have. I made mine out of red rose petals from my rose bush. Alicia has one in her house made of stones and crystals. This is a great way to invite fairies into your home. If you make it out of rose petals then you either have to keep creating it, shrink it when the petals dry, or as I did, just use it for a temporary doorway. Not that I don’t want fairies in my house, I do, and I’m sure they are here, but this was a special day for them and they deserved a special invite.

click to enlarge

My rose petal fairy ring surrounded by fairy statues, stones & crystals (selenite wand in front) with a glass of wine for them.

After all was set up, we gathered around the altar and I cast the circle as the clouds and rain covered the setting sun. We did a ritual we do every year at Midsummer that honors "The Lord of Summer" and fire. It is really cool as we all speak in turn to form sentences (see below). Then we did a Druid Meditation called "The Invocation of Amergin" that I found at that I thought would be empowering as we spoke the lines. I spoke them and they repeated them with a pause in-between for reflection. We then called on the fairies to join us, each of us communicating with them in our own way. We finished by sending energy to each other to help create what we want to accomplish this summer and then everyone took a turn speaking their thoughts and/or gratitude to the Powers That Be. It was really storming as I closed the circle.

So don’t let the rain ruin your Midsummer or any other outdoor holiday. Adapt and be creative. Midsummer itself was a beautiful day so those who celebrated on the day had great weather.

Lord of the Summer Ritual

This is the part of the newsletter where I like to discuss herbs and/or oils. Last year I gave an overview of the herbs for Midsummer. Last year I created three different blends for us to throw on the fire: one for fire, one for the Sun God, and one for the fairies. Last year I wrote it down. This year I can’t find where I wrote it down. So I guess this year I cannot share my blends as was my plan.

Instead I will give you the part of our ritual where we all speak as I love doing this. This year as we spoke I got chills (the good kind when you feel the presence of something bigger than yourself). I am not sure where I got this ritual from so if it sounds familiar to anyone then you probably saw it too. It is written for four people, one for each direction, but when we only have three then the south person speaks for the missing direction as after all, south is fire and that is what we honor.

The South person steps into the circle and lights a candle set in the center. Then she steps back into the south. (if outside have her throw something into the fire)

West: It is the longest day.
North: It is the shortest night.
East: It is Midsummer.

North: It is the time of light.
East: It is the derth of dark.
West: It is Midsummer.

East: It is the reign of summer.
West: It is the poverty of winter.
North: It is Midsummer.

South: It is Midsummer, and the Lord of Flames takes his height. The heat comes on, baking all in its path, as the Earth rises to great the Summer Lord. His light illuminates the sky, and night becomes day.

East: Between us, we hold the earth and sky.
North: Within us, we hold the dark and light.
West: Among us, we hold the Lady and her children.

North: Earth,
East: Air,
West: Water,
All: And the fire grows between us.

West: Autumn,
North: Winter,
East: Spring,
All: And the fire glows within us.

East: The Wand, She sets the wand on the ground, facing east.
West: The Cauldron, She sets the cauldron on the ground in the west.
North: The Stone, She sets the stone in the north.
All: And the sword of fire around us.

South: The Lord of Summer takes arms and strides across the sky, bearing with him his shield of the Sun and the Sword of Fire. On this longest day, none challenge him and he reigns for one day supreme, unchallenged.

East: Fire in the air as lightning...
North: Rears to strike the ground...
West: Soaked with the summer rain...
All: We bid welcome to the Fire, the Lord of Summer.

Have a blessed and warm summer!
~~~~Rhiannon Rose

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