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Infinite Flame Pendulums Archive

Each is one of a kind. This page is a collection of the ones I've sold plus the ones I made for myself.

Click on pendulum picture for an enlarged view.

Pendulums for Purchase Page 1

Black n Whiite Pendulum Click for enlarged view

Celtic Pendulum Click to enlarge

Dark Goddess Pendulum Click to enlarge
Wizard Pendulum - click to enlarge
Fruity Fun Pendulum - Click to enlarge
Smoky Goddess Pendulum
Pink Grey Pendulum
Blue Moon Pendulum click to enlarge
click for detail
Moonstone Quartz Pendulum
Labradorite Sun Pendulum (mine)
Amethyst Star Pendulum
Amethyst Flower Pendulum
Black Pendulum (mine)
Bat Leather Pendulum
Elegant Pendulum
Butterfly Pendulum
Butterfly Rose Pendulum
Double Pendulum (stolen off table at show)
Golden Penulum
Halloween Pendulum
Lapidolite Star Pendulum
Mystic Moon Pendulum
Bronzite Moonstone Pendulum
Earth Mother Pendulum
Tiger Eye Hematite Pendulum
Pendulum's Eye
Spiral Wood Pendulum
Celtic Cross Pendulum
Lapis & Pyrite Pendulum gift for a friend
Wolf Pendulum
Dragonfly Leather Pendulum
Grey Agate Pendulum click to enlarge
Red Pendulum click to enlarge
Agate Rose Pendulum click to enlarge
Fancy Pentacle Pendulum
Just Ducky Pendulum - Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Unlock the Answers Pendulum- Click to enlarge
Gamera Pendulum -click to enlarge
Mini Turtle Pendulum
Halloween Pumpkin Pendulum
Drucilla Pendulum
Agate Pentacle Pendulum
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Isis Lapis Pendulum - click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Opalite Heart pendulum

Check out my May 2010 Newsletter for more info on pendulums (cleaning, cleansing, how to use, and how I make them).

For more info on the stones/crystals used, visit my Stone Properties Page.

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