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Samhain (Halloween)

Created the night of the New Moon (Oct. 28, 2008).
Empowered with the thin veil energy on Samhain/Halloween (Oct. 31, 2008).
This candle is meant to honor the dead and/or to be used to contact the spirit of your loved ones and ancestors.

Traditionally, orange candles are used for courage, concentration, and to conjure forth psychic visions and messages. We add orange glitter to represent the glowing embers and dancing flames of the sacred Samhain bonfires of old.

Black is known to absorb and neutralize negative energy vibrations, also to counteract evil. The black glitter and ribbon provide protection for you while contacting spirits.

A rectangular smoky quartz resembles a doorway or portal of some kind. Smoky quartz draws the entities and paranormal phenomena into one's auric field and down to one's own perception, making it easier for a person to experience it. It helps to enhance one's psychic ability to see spirits or ghosts.

At first we had a hard time coming up with the scent. Most references for contacting spirits gave protective scents but not those specifically for the spirits themselves. Then we found three references to a combination of equal parts lavender (lavendula augustifolia) and sandalwood (santalum album) to attract good (as opposed to evil) spirits. The only problem is that the price of sandalwood has skyrocketed recently and we needed more to make the candles. We decided to use this traditional blend but to charge a bit more to cover the cost of the sandalwood. I think you will agree that it is worth the extra dollar.
The sandalwood oil was purchased from a reliable source and is ethically farmed.

Sold out

We made 13 candles empowered on the 31st and priced at $13 (for all you numerology people)

You might find you are unable to contact the spirit of someone as they may have been reincarnated. You can still honor their life as you remember it. This candle can help you contact those who have difficulty crossing over to help them.

October 2008 Newsletter - Announcement of Samhain Candle & Info on Sandalwood & Lavender

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