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Shaman's Offering

We created this candle to be burned during Shamanic ceremonies.

Our intent was to include the four sacred herbs of the Native American tradition. The scent is a blend of sage (salvia officinalis) and tobacco (nicotania tabacum) essential oils. There is no true sweetgrass essential oil so we put a piece of dried sweetgrass in each candle along with a kernel of blue corn.

The stone is Botswana Agate. Both of us feel that the lines running through this stone are representative of layers of consciousness or time. There are often "doorways" on Botswana Agate and/or images on the stone that, to us, make this the perfect companion for journeys and meditations.

The tobacco essential oil gives this candle a brownish tint. We added bronze glitter which looks like sparks from a fire.

Sold out!

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