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Wealth & Prosperity

Scented with cinnamon bark (cinnamomum zeylanicom), patchouli (pogostemon cablin), and pine (pinus species) essential oils.

Each candle contains a peridot. After the candle is done, you can carry this stone in your wallet or purse for continued prosperity. Because of the green color, peridots are associated with money. They are also a protective stone, in this case used to protect the wealth it brings.

Clear gel with green and gold glitter.

Sold out


I have created a Prosperity Soap using the same essential oils, olive oil glycerin soap base, and even embedded a shiny penny in the soap!

"I absolutely LOVE these!! They're gorgeous when lit, they smell amazing, and work even more amazingly!!"
-- posted on FaceBook by Shelly Curtis Bodenback

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