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White Magick

This candle can be used for any positive purpose.

The stone is snow quartz, AKA milky quartz. It has similar properties to clear quartz. It is quartz with tiny bubbles of water or air trapped within, giving it its white appearance. Some say these bubbles hold information that is released to its owner. This stone can actually become clearer as heat does move the bubbles to the surface. A truly magical stone indeed.

The essential oils are:
orange (citrus sinensis) solar energy & power,
clove bud (eugenia caryophyllata) courage & protection,
ginger (zingiber officinale) courage & power,
cinnamon bark (cinnamomum zeylanicom) physic awareness.

I have created a soap with the same scent, Naked Soaps White Magic

Glitter of silver sparkles in the clear gel.

Sold out


You can see the stone better in this picture, taken just after I made them.

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