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Yule Log/ Winter Solstice

Created for those who would love to burn a Yule log but cannot.
Complete with a miniature "log"* and decorated with a red ribbon and "greenery" stickers.

Cedarwood (juniperus mexicana), balsam fir needle (abies balsamea), and vetiver (vetivera zizanoides) essential oils combine to create a scent reminiscent of a traditional wood fire.

Coppery glitter looks like sparks flying up from the flame
and green glitter adds a festive touch.

Each candle contains a raw ruby which is known to increase warmth.
This projective fire stone also banishes sadness and negative thoughts
to help the owner combat the winter blues.


Sold out


*The "log" is from twigs found in Laura's front yard. The tree they are from was looking quite dead a few years ago, then Laura started hosting the Wheel of the Year holidays. The tree now is much more healthy and she firmly believes it is the result of the increase in Mother Earth's energy raised at these celebrations.

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