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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic JewelryP799 - Fibonacci's Golden Spiral Pendant

Necklaces - Everything Else

The jewelry is hand-made with English pewter. Some with hand-plated two tone finish, many with high quality Austrian crystals, and other components. The necklaces come with a nickel-free chain or other material (some on ribbons).

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.

P766 - Planchette Pendant

P766 - Planchette Pendant

Technology from the 19th century seance, spiritualist’s device for communicating with the dead through a talking board and discovering mysteries on the other side.
English pewter, realistic taxidermal eye, 21" black chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.26" x height 2.52"


Eye of Providence necklace

P827 - Eye of Providence

The all-seeing eye of God watching over you, accented by the cosmic influence of the moon to energize your spiritual growth. For over two hundred years the Eye has remained a keystone of the Freemason's symbology.
Pewter pyramid triangle set with a bright blue-pupiled Austrian crystal eye. On 21" trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Height 1.73" x Width 1.65 "


Petit Ouija Pendant

P860 - Petit Ouija Pendant

Let the dead talk directly to you, and peep through a keyhole into the underworld with the eye of the cat, using the unparalleled mystical powers of a talking board.
English pewter, red faux taxidermal cat's eye, 18" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. height 1.54" x width 1.10"


P188 - Anguistralobe

P188 - Anguistralobe

From the personal effects of the fabled Dr. Von Rosenstein, a working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies.
Pewter pendant, engraved astrolabe disk suspended from a coiled double headed serpent, with etched brass rotating dial frame, 21" chain
Alchemy Empire
Approx. Width 1.61" x Height 2.09"


P799 - Fibonacci's Golden Spiral Pendant

P799 - Fibonacci's Golden Spiral Pendant

For 5,000 years the Golden Mean has been a central tenet of technology, and decoded by Fibonacci in the Middle Ages for the future exploitation of Dr. von Rosenstein and our Renaissance forefathers; the Fibonacci sequence is engraved upon the reverse.
English pewter, brass
Alchemy Empire
Approx Width 1.26" x Height 1.97" Chain: 21"


Empyrian Eye: Tears From Heaven Pendant

P712 - Empyrian Eye: Tears From Heaven Pendant

The eye of God, shedding tears of grief for humanity as he regards the world from the highest firmament.
English pewter, Austrian crystal, 21" trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.02" x height 1.46"


Queen of the Night


P503 - Queen of the Night

The antipathy of the ancient Iranian prophet sage Zoroaster's 'Moral Order'. A flamboyant Austrian crystal-laden baroque extravagance representing opulence and decadence.
English pewter, black Austrian crystals, split chain approx 18".
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 3.74" x Height 3.74"


P769 - Voodoo Doll Pendant

P769 - Voodoo Doll Pendant

Of ancient European origin, the traditional way to inflict percision injury upon those you wish to harm.
English pewter, black cord noose, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.46" x height 5.39"


Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon

P607 - Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon

Green Sugar: a miniature, wearable token of a secret life; an Alchemy absinthe spoon, signifying an existence dedicated to hedonistic pleasure and sublime aestheticism.
English pewter, emerald green Austrian crystal 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.71" x Height 3.62"


temporarily out of stock

P780 - Hand Of Macbeth Dagger Pendant

P780 - Hand Of Macbeth Dagger Pendant

Beware the seduction of ultimate power, megalomania will bring about your own downfall.
English pewter, black onyx cabochon, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width .067" x height 2.13"


Marie Antoinette Necklace

P933 Marie Antoinette Necklace

Flaunting the regal finesse of a doomed age. Guillotine blade bearing the last traces of aristocratic life; with fine crystal blood drop. Add simple gothic elegance to your attire.
English pewter, Austrian crystal,18" nickel-free chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Width 0.55" x Height 1.06"





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