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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic Jewelry

Discontinued Products

Every Fall Alchemy discontinues some of their products.
There is a limited number of these items in stock.

Mirrors   Drinking Vessels

I try to keep this page updated,but occasionally something will sell out before I can update. If you order something that is no longer available, I will inform you by email and refund the cost of the item. You can always email me before you order an item on this page to be sure it is available.
2020: its been hard keeping up with discontinued items this year, and with shipping issues, some items marked "sold out" might get restocked at the warehouse I order from in the US. I will update this page at least once a week.

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.


Lady Talbot's Retrospector hand mirror

V20 - Lady Talbot's Retrospector Hand Mirror

Constance Talbot's revolutionaly spectronic affinity glass allows the subject to glimpse a semblance of their past or future contenance through her patent "Steam Lens". The hand mirror also features a small magnifying lense.
Approximate Dimensions:
Width 6.1" x Height 10" x Depth 1.2"
Materials: Resin & Glass


15 left in stock

Drinking Vessels

XXX Black Rose Ale Glass

CWT48 - XXX Black Rose Ale Glass

An imperial pint straight ale glass, badged in glorious dignity with a cast pewter skull 'n bones label from a rare and recondite, extra strong brew, befitting all serious ale-aficionados. Holds one pint.
Alchemy Gothic
Approximate Dimensions:
Width 2.20" x Height 2.72" x Depth 0.12


out of stock

Silver Dragon Tankard

AAT10 - Silver Dragon Tankard

This breathtaking sculpted dragon in full flight, forms the handle of this stylish tankard with a capacity of approximately 1 Pint.
English pewter
Approximate Dimensions: Width 5.71" x Height 5.12" x Depth 4.13"


out of stock

Thunderhammer Tankard

CWT59 - Thunderhammer Tankard

A Viking warrior's most treasured amulet, 'Mjolnir', the Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction. And upon the traditional Celtic knot-work strapping, the inscribed runes translate to 'May Thor protect this hammer and charge it with the power of the thunder storm'. Perhaps it means the beer?
A one pint glass mug with handle, and a large, antiqued pewter 3D modeled Viking Thor's hammer decorated with carved, authentically traditional knot-work.
Approximate Dimensions: Height: 4.33" Width: 4.06" Depth: 2.80"


only 2 in stock

Alchemist Skull Mug

ALMUG2 - Alchemist Skull Mug

Black ceramic mug, with engraved skull design.
This one is black inside and the design is white.
Approximately 400ml (15 ounces) Capacity
Dishwasher and microwave safe.


only 18 left in stock

Not Me Without Tea Mug

ALMUG8 - Not Me Without Tea Mug

Bone China mug, jet black color glazing, rose gold printing, white interior.
Robust, heatproof, 15 ounce (400ml) mugs. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

sold out

Catty without Coffee mug

ALMUG7 - Catty without Coffee Mug

Bone China mug, jet black color glazing, rose gold printing, white interior.
15 ounces.

Sold out

Wormswood Tree shot glass

ACWT9 - The Wormswood Tree, Absinthe Shot Glass

The pewter stem and base are fashioned of wormwood foliage, (furtively concealing an ardent devotee), from which the notorious absinthe derives. The truly decadent way to enjoy, neat, the gratifyingly creative delights of the green fairy. Holds approx. 1oz
Alchemy Gothic - Absinthe Collection
Approximate Dimensions:
Width 2.99" x Height 7.08" x Depth 3.22"


out of stock

Ruah Vered Goblet

AAG51 - Ruah Vered Goblet

A truly powerful sentiment, the fifth element, the spirit and the 'Breath of Life' or pentagram, combined with the sensual rose of love, toasting health, harmony and passion. A 5 ½"tall, 8oz (225ml) capacity, polished stainless steel wine goblet with pewter pentagram on the base, thorn'd rose stem twisting round the column and magical rose-pentagram badge on the bowl.
Alchemy Gothic
Approximate Dimensions:
Width 2.56" x Height 5.5" x Depth 2.56"


discontinued! out of stock



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