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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic JewelryEmpyrean Tear Earrings - Crystal

Earrings/ Ear Wraps- Everything Else

Hand cast in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality Austrian crystals, and other components.

**Read description carefully, wraps and some earrings are sold as single**

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.

E357 - Bushido earring

E357 Bushido Earring - single

The Katana, iconic sword of the samural warrior, engraved down the length of its blade with the seven virtures of Bushido, The Way of the Warrior - Mediaeval Japan's code of chivalry: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty, and Duty.
English pewter
silver plated earwires
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 2.48" x height 0.31"


Sterne Leben Earrings

E431- Sterne Leben Earrings - pair

Stars of Life in gothic form, to shine in celestial darkness. Bring a hint of darkness to your look with these stunning crosses.
English pewter antiqued, black Austrian crystal, surgical steel ear-wires.
Alchemy Gothic
Height 1.26" x Width .67"


E396 - Ouija Planchette Earrings

E396 - Ouija Planchette Earrings - pair

Technology from the 19th century seance; a spiritualist’s device for communicating with the dead through the ‘talking board’, and discovering mysteries on the other side… ICU!
English pewter, realistic small taxidermal eye
surgical steel ear posts.

Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 0.63" x Height 1.50"


voodoo doll earring

E408 - Voodoo Doll earring - single

Of old European origin, a traditional Folk Magic protection against a witch's power and a way to inflict precise injury upon an enemy.
Antiqued pewter stud with black cabochon, pewter voodoo doll on the end of a black waxed cord noose. With surgical steel ear post and plastic scroll.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Height 0.94" x Width 0.67 "


temporarily out of stock

E378 - Hand Of Macbeth Earrings

E378 - Hand Of Macbeth Earrings - pair

Beware the seduction of ultimate power…megalomania will bring about your own downfall.
English pewter, hematite crystal,
surgical steel earwire
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 0.51" x height 1.93"


E257 - Cesare's Veto

E257 - Cesare's Veto faux ear stretcher - single

Fresh from another expedient assassination, the 16th Cesare Borgia's Florentine solution to all political problems. Gives the illusion of the blade piercing through the ear.
English pewter, Austrian crystal
surgical steel ear post
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.87" x Height 2.76"


E310 - Marie Antoinette

E310 - Marie Antoinette - pair

Flaunting the regal finesse of a doomed age, miniature guillotine blades, bearing the last traces of aristocratic life. A macabre piece that drips with gothic elegance.
English pewter, Austrian Siam crystals.
Surgical steel posts
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.55" x Height 1.81"


Empyrean Tear Earrings  - Black

Empyrean Tear Earrings - Crystal

Empyrean Tear Earrings - Red

E437 - Empyrean Tear Earrings - pair

Tears of grief from the eye of God, shed for humanity as He looks down upon us from the Heavens.
English pewter, surgical steel ear-wires. Available in black, crystal (clear aurora), or red Austrian crystals.
Alchemy Gothic
Height .94" x Width .31"



ndustrilobe Earrings

E353 - Industrilobe Earrings - pair

The quintessential cogwheel, personifying the dynamic industrial and intellectual progress of the pre-eminent civilizations.
English pewter.
Surgical steel ear posts.
Alchemy Empire
approx width 0.55" x height 0.55"


E349 - Uncle Albert's Timepiece Ear Cuff

E349 - Uncle Albert's Timepiece Ear Cuff - single

The perfect miniature, 13-hour Lunar time fob watch and its accoutrements from the Victorian era, ingeniously cuffed and pinned around the fortunate dandy’s ear. Inscribed with "Hora Morti" - the 'Hour of Death' and on the cuff the Latin phrase reads "Tempus Fugit, Tempus Moritur" - 'Time Flies, Time Dies'. Watch face is not an actual functioning timepiece.
Two tone English pewter, minature watch with glazed dial, fine albert chain
Surgical steel post
Alchemy Empire
approx width 0.83" x height 5.71"
















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