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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic JewelryMinnaloushe Necklace

Necklaces - Animals & Insects

The jewelry is hand-made with English pewter. Some with hand-plated two tone finish, many with high quality Austrian crystals, and other components. The necklaces come with a nickel-free chain or other material (some on ribbons).

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.

Wolverine Moon

P229 - Wolverine Moon

Beware the full moon and the silver dagger.
English pewter, two moonstones, 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.61" x Height 2.68"


Feline Felicity necklace

P895 - Feline Felicity Necklace

Silent, stealthy and omniprescent, your ailuros companion confidently reflects upon your destiny.
English pewter, blackened pewter, black resin rose, mirror, 19" curb chain plus 1 1/2" extender chain.
Alchemy Gothic
height 2.28" x width 1.42"


Sacred Cat Vanitas Necklace

P889 - Sacred Cat Vanitas Pendant

The face of imperious feline deity preening itself to perfection, from either side projecting its aura of confident supremacy. One side is a mirror, the other is the face of the Sacred Cat.
English pewter, mirror, 21" trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Height 3.07" x width 1.38"


Love Cat

P884 - Love Cat necklace

Feline love is only bestowed upon the most mysteriously exceptional individual.
English pewter, smoky grey transparent enamel over cat face. 21" trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
height 1.38" x 1.26"


Cat Sith necklace

P816 - Cat Sith

Superstition and folklore pervade the mysterious black cat. Known in Celtic mythology as the fairy Cat Sith, a black cat could be a witch's familiar, or may court many suitors for its desirous companion.
Black English pewter, red Austrian crystals, 21" black trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 0.75" x Height 2.36"


Bastet Goddess Choker

P817 - Bastet Goddess Choker

The Egyptian warrior goddess who transformed into the black cat protectress, bringer of joy, and eventually became goddess of sexuality and the moon.
Black English Pewter, Red Taxidermal Style Cat Eyes, bell hanging from one ear, 38" black velvet ribbon to be tied with bow.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.57" x Height 1.46"


Minnaloushe Necklace

P879 - Minnaloushe Necklace

Minnaloushe creeps and stares, lifting his changing eyes to the changing moon; conjured by the poem by William Butler Yeats', The Cat and the Moon. In 1890, the young Irish poet, mystic and occultist, Butler Yeats joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
Chain 'V' necklace, suspended to one side a highly polished English pewter moon studded with five clear Austrian crystals, and from the other side, 'walking the tight rope' to the moon is a black English pewter cat with its tail looped about the upper chain. Chain: 15" + 1" extender
Alchemy Gothic
Approximate Dimensions: H: 2.28" W: 2.68"



Emerald Venom Necklace

P432 - Emerald Venom

The deadly predator, poised to sink its irresistible fangs. Eye catching spider necklace that will inject gothic drama into any outfit.
English pewter, green and black Austrian crystals, split chain approx 15.5" total.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 2.68" x Height 4.33"


Emerald Spiderling necklace

P904 - Emerald Spiderling

A smaller, but no less deadly predator, still poised to sink its irresistible fangs.
English pewter, green Austrian crystal, 18" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.87" x Height 1.46"


P751 - Geistalon

P751 - Geistalon

Fear from the darkness - the thundering phantom of an armoured cataphract unicorn, revered in the Scrolls of Carrhae for their terrifying and decisive intervention in battle, against overwhelming oppressors. (Geistalon; pronounced guy-sta-lon).
Antiqued English pewter, black curb chain 20" with 1.5" extender.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.5" x Height 3.6"


Kraken necklace

P818 - Kraken

You strain to escape the feel of the monstrous, slippery tentacles writhing to take a stranglehold on your neck, in much the same way that countless others failed to do in mysterious and tragic tales from the sea.
Antiqued English pewter, Volcano effect Austrian crystal, split trace chain 17" plus a 1 ½" extender.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 4.69" x Height 4.53"


Mammon of the Deep

P888 - Mammon of the Deep

A rapacious treasure-hoarding demon from the watery abyss, guardian of immeasurable wealth, surrendered by the forlorn victims of the cruel seas. Symbol of the Black Beach, the "Plage Noir", created in collaboration with the "Plage Noir" festival.
English pewter, black graphite cabochon. 21" trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic
height 1.81" x width 1.50"





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