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Infinite Flame Presents

Alchemy Gothic JewelryPagan Dream Catcher Pendant

Necklaces - Pentacles & Other Religious

The jewelry is hand-made with English pewter. Some with hand-plated two tone finish, many with high quality Austrian crystals, and other components. The necklaces come with a nickel-free chain or other material (some on ribbons)

*Items on this page are shipped from another location. I do not have these items at shows.

P924 - Danu

Mother of the earth and of all the gods! Matriarch to the legendary Celtic pantheon, the Tuatha De Danann, Danu, is goddess of fertility and wisdom.
English pewter, amethyst-colored Austrian crystal, nickel-free chain approx. 21" total
Alchemy Gothic
Width 1.06" x Height 1.61"


Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant

P728 - Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant

A classic, ornate and highly intricate pagan amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking leader/warlord. The head of a dragon bites the chain and the Celtic knot-worked hammer is set with their highly-prised, polished translucent, genuine amber. The runes on the back of this pendant read THONAR which translates as THUNDER in the Old Saxon language written in Eldar Futhark runes.
English pewter, with unique, translucent, real polished amber cabochon. 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.18" x height 1.89"



P58 - Pentagram

Quintessential forces of man, expressed in the magical powers of the continuos line, five pointed star and representing the four earthly elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air plus the heavenly pointing Aether, or Spirit. The 16th century occult philosopher, Cornelious Agrippa, suggested a divine golden ratio connection, symbolizing the outstretched human figure by the pentacle. A classic symbol of protection.
English pewter, 18" chain.
Alchemy Metal-Wear
Approx. Width 0.79" x Height 0.87"


Athame Pendant

P871 - Athame Pendant

The name of the black-handled, double-edged ceremonial dagger of Wicca, one of the four elemental tools used in magic ritual, and complementary to the white-handled 'boline'.
Two-tone English pewter with a bronzed hilt and crescent moons, with the central full moon set with an iridescent blue Austrian crystal. Chain: 21"
Alchemy Gothic
Approximate Dimensions: H: 2.13" W: 0.91"



Cult of Aset

P233 - Cult of Aset

The original, Greek name of the great Egyptian and universal mother and kingship goddess, eventually to become known in the Old Kingdom as Isis-Hathor, the mother of both Horus and his four sons. The cult is represented by the original horned, translucent red solar disk of Hathor, later surmounted by the throne of Isis as the two deities were merged. Eventually, due to her daunting magical skills, Aset/Isis-Hathor became the most powerful deity in the whole of the Egyptian pantheon.
English pewter with translucent red enamel, 18" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx.width 0.79 x Height 1.26"


Dante's Hex

P235 - Dante's Hex

A simple but effective Mediaeval style pentagram, of a fashion that would be familiar to the great 13th century mystic literary genius. A detailed symbol of protection with medieval origins.
English pewter, 18" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 0.79"x Height 1.02"


Goddess Pendant

P845 - Goddess Pendant

Combining the empowering pentagram of the five elements (fire, water, earth, air, and spirit), with the three moon phases of Wicca's Triple Goddess, balanced with a crystal to focus your magickal energies.
English pewter, iridescent Austrian crystal dropper, 18" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx height 1.5" x width 1.38"


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P715 - Ruah Vered Pendant

The pentagram is the fifth element; the spirit and the 'Breath of Life', passionately entwined with the romantic and sensual rose of faithful love to ensure health, harmony and Erosean mystical powers.
English pewter with blackened pewter rose. 12" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. width 1.46" x height 1.73"


P786 - Wiccan Elemental Pentacle Necklace

P786 - Wiccan Elemental Pentacle Necklace

The five elements conjoined within the circle of the universe. Clockwise from the top, the Austrian crystal’s pastelised colors represent spirit-clear, water-sky blue, fire-champagne pink, earth- tea green, and air-jasmine yellow.
English pewter, pastel colored Austrian crystals, 18" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.06" x Height 1.34"


Crystal Pentagram

P365 - Crystal Pentagram

Red Austrian crystal-set, magical star of protection.
English pewter with antiqued finish, Austrian crystal, 18" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.83" x Height 0.94"


Red Curse Pendant

P805 - Red Curse Pendant

An Evil Eye amulet of great power enhanced by the underlying magical pentagram, to ward-off unmindful, malevolent curses from an erudite adversary.
English pewter, taxidermal style red snake-like eye
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Width 1.46" x Height 1.54"


Pagan Dream Catcher Pendant

P873 - Pagan Dream Catcher Pendant

This traditional style dream snare has a pentagram woven into its fine web and supports a sacred crescent moon, deflecting evil influences, misfortune and physical harm, averting the evil eye from wanton malefactors.
English pewter ring, framing a etched stainless steel crescent moon and pentagram 'cobweb', three pewter feathers, one set with a white Austrian crystal, and a small crescent moon. Chain: 33" + 1" extender
Alchemy Gothic
Approximate Dimensions: H: 4.33" W: 1.73"


Elven Star Necklace

P878 - Elven Star Necklace

The Wiccan symbol of the seven pointed star, or septagram, represents the seven paths to the higher self in the sacred Faery tradition, further empowered here by a pentagram and the sigils of the seven planets.
Highly polished English pewter, with a polished black onyx disc set behind, engraved with the symbols of the eight planets and a central pentagram, visible through the framework of the star. Chain: 21" + 1" extender
Alchemy Gothic
Approximate Dimensions: Height 1.54" x Width 1.10"


P775 - Black Star Pendant

P775 - Black Star Pendant

Supernatural forces leech from the Stygian pentacle, empowering the wearer to initiate and control, even from beyond life.
English pewter, black enamel, 21" chain.
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.61" x Height 1.75"


Mithras Necklace

P908 - Mithras

The bull's horns and the cult mystery of the Roman underworld prominent among the military classes and practiced in subterranean temples, centered around the god overpowering and slaying a bull, known as tauroctony. The moon goddess, Luna, was the sole female permitted at Mithraic ceremony, where the crescent moon was her symbol.
English pewter, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx Height 1.89" x Width 1.54"


Tercia Serpent Necklace

P874 - Tercia Serpent Necklace

This serpent, evincing its three coils, symbolizes the pagan/Wiccan Rule of Three; that all energy transmitted into the world by somebody - positive or negative, is returned threefold to that same person.
English pewter snake with a lower centrally-set dark petrol colored round Austrian crystal and a matching dropper below. The neck chain is intersected horizontally with a fine chain with black Austrian crystal junctions. Chain: 18" + 1" extender
Alchemy England
Approximate Dimensions: H: 3.74" W: 1.46"


P929 - Eve's Triquetra

A Celtic-pagan intimation of rebellious triplicity; the eternity of the triple goddess with a touch of female willfulness.
English pewter, fern green Austrian crystal nickel-free chain approx. 21" total
Alchemy Gothic
Width 1.85" x Height 1.61"


Triple Goddess Choker

P810 -Triple Goddess Choker

The pearly full moon flanked by the waxing and waning crescents symbolize the Triple Goddess of Wicca; the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Pale blue crystals invoke healing, occult protection, perfection, and wealth.
English pewter, Austrian mother of pearl 'moon', Austrian blue tinted crystals, one two doubled black satin ribbons, adjusted by a pewter slide fastener, up to 21" overall length
Alchemy Gothic
approx width 1.89" x height .87"


The Black Goddess Necklace

P870 - The Black Goddess Necklace

An alternative allegory for the Triple Moon Goddess, seen from a romantically oblique perspective, with a black rose 'moon' and tangential, crystal studded crescents to celebrate the mysticism of Wicca.
Two highly polished English pewter adjacent crescent moons, (waxing and waning), set with Austrian crystals, separated by a blooming resin black rose. Chain: 18" + 1" extender
Alchemy Gothic
Approximate Dimensions: H: 2.56" W: 1.14"


P930 - Seal of Lucifer

The 14th century and very very personal sign of the fallen angel, cast down from heaven for his power and PRIDE, the 7th and deadliest of sins - Isaiah 14:12-15.
Antiqued Pewter pendant etched with 'Lucifer' around the edge, with a black onyx disc inlaid. The onyx is engraved with the symbol of 'Lucifer'. nickel-free black chain approx. 21" total
Alchemy Gothic
Width 0.75" x Height 0.98"


Sin Horned God necklace

P911 - Sin Horned God

The male counterpart and consort to the female Triple Goddess, overseeing nature, wilderness, and sexuality. Sin the original Mesopotamian moon deity and "father of the gods" was the early progenitor of Cernunnos, the pagan/Celtic horned god.
English pewter and enamel. 21" total necklace length
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.91" x Height 1.26"



P921 - Baphometica

Ancient goat skulled deity, whispering wisdom from the lost cults of antiquity. The hermaphroditic hierophant to the subversive seeker of sagacity. Large Baphomet skull with red crystal eyes.
English pewter, split chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 3.94" x Height 3.15"


Templars Bane

P923 - Templars Bane

The sigil of Baphomet, suffusing rectitude with the essence of corruption.
English pewter, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 0.91" x Height 1.18"


Baphomet necklace

P906 - Baphomet necklace

Framed upon the occultist's pentagram, Eliphas Levi's portrait and representation of the dualist, goat-headed deity symbolising the balance in everything and notoriously known as the heretical subject of worship of the Knight's Templar, in 1307 leading to their persecution and ultimately their Friday the 13th downfall.
English pewter, 21" chain
Alchemy Gothic
Approx. Width 1.93" x Height 2.01"





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